War On Westworld : “Elites Don’t Care About People, They Are At The Top. So A Change Is A Must.”, A.M.L. Obrador


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Humans don’t change at all?
The best they can do is to live according to their code.
The truth is that a human is just a brief algorithm.
Ten thousand, two hundred forty-seven lines.
They are deceptively simple.
Once you know them, their behavior is…quite predictable.

He has been always pure Rock’ N’ Roll and Punk Rock at same time !!!!

from 9 directions the Russian Army advances

Dmitry Medvedev:

I saw a message that Ukraine, under Lend-Lease, wants to receive LNG from its overseas owners with payment for delivery in 2 years. Otherwise, next winter it will simply freeze.
Just a question.
And who said that in two years Ukraine will even exist on the world map?

from 9 directions the Russian Army advances

Attack on Ukronazis of the Day:

❗️🇷🇺 The work of Su-25 attack aircraft in the Slavic direction.
There, fighting continues near the Valley, Krasnopolye and Bogorodichny.
The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced tonight that it was still holding the Valley.

❗️ DRG Hunter Helicopters
When the team @wargonzoo, together with the National Guard, was on the southern outskirts of Popasna, in the village Stepnoye, we met helicopters of the RF Armed Forces. 🇷🇺
It was an air search and assault group.

⚡️ Front-line report for the morning of 06/16/22 ⚡️
Izyum Front: Allied forces are advancing on Slavyansk from the northwest.
Lugansk front: fierce battles for the city of Zolote.
Kharkov Front: Russian troops attack in the area of Stary Saltov.

❗️🇺🇲 US military analyst Scott Ritter on Ukraine’s demand for weapons:
Look at the just published list of weapons needed by the Ukrainians. This is strong evidence that they are getting their asses kicked. If you need a thousand artillery pieces guns, then you have lost a thousand guns. If you need 500 tanks, then you have already lost 500 tanks. This is a harsh fact! And it’s all about human lives. For every destroyed tank, there are three or four dead, for every gun, five or six lives. This means, that they lost those thousands of people. And there is still infantry, there are problems with logistics. They admitted that they have 200 deaths per day, but in fact this number is closer to 600-800 deaths per day. One day – and 800 people died!

from 9 directions the Russian Army advances

Ukronazi Attacks:

❗️ Donetsk has been under shelling since morning

❗️ There are many foreign mercenaries at the Azot plant in Severodonetsk, said women who recently managed to escape from the bomb shelter at the plant.
They serve there in order to give gain in time for ukronazi units to regroup to north-west positions.

In interview with NY Times Zelensky’s aide Podolyak explained why🇺🇦armed forces prefer to fight in urban areas: In cities it’s possible to maneuver, find cover, minimize losses, resist longer, inflict significant casualties on Russians
He forgot to add: using civilians as shields

❗️ USA is preparing the second batch of MLRS HIMARS for Ukraine 🇺🇸🇺🇦
The Armed Forces of Ukraine will soon receive the second batch of MLRS HIMARS, the first one is already on Ukrainian territory.

from 9 directions the Russian Army advances

War Crimes:

❗️ Nobody will give Azov people for exchange.
Their vanilla dreams are of no interest to anyone. After all they’ve done will rot in prison
First Deputy Minister of Information of the DPR Daniil Bezsonov

‼️ The city of Stakhanov and the village of Krinichnoye (LNR) were once again subjected to Ukronazi shelling from Uragan multiple launch rocket systems. According to preliminary data, six people died and six were injured.

from 9 directions the Russian Army advances

Fake News Alert:

⚡️ Zrada from the Gauleiter of the Sumy region. 🇺🇦
Today’s footage of the consequences of the strike of the Russian Armed Forces on the school where the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were located.
And now attention – zrada! In the first part of the video, we show the version that Mr. Dmytro Zhyvitsky, the head of the Sumy region, posted after he pointed to this jamb. And in the second part, an early, unedited version, where Pan Dmitro did not realize to cut out boxes of ammunition.
And the Internet, as you know, remembers everything.

from 9 directions the Russian Army advances

Help to Civilians:

There are no obstacles to the exit of civilians from the Azot plant in Severodonetsk, with the exception of the decision of the Kyiv authorities and nationalists to keep people as human shields, the Russian Defense Ministry said

from 9 directions the Russian Army advances

Pro Russia Support:

‘We send money for armaments, we provide weapons, and you provide people ready to die’
Mexican President Andres Manuel condemned NATO’s policy in Ukraine, calling it an exchange of ‘dead men for weapons’
‘How many unfortunate people, refugees, add here the economic damage to the economy: what we talked about, the rise in fuel prices in Europe and inflation.
Such a policy should no longer continue, the priority should be the interests of the people, and not the political elites, who do not care about the people, because they are at the top.
So change is a must.”

In war times the Western influence brings to this, having time to promote stuff not really necessary in a certain scenario….
In the trash and frenzy that is happening today in Ukraine controlled by Kyiv, one small touch was missing to bring the picture to its full completion. And he did not keep himself waiting long:
The LGBT community of Kyiv announced a gay pride parade in the capital on June 18.

For Dogs and cats missing in the Warzone

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Contact and find out how you can shelter an animal (transportation to the cities of the Russian Federation is possible): +79847776168 (WhatsApp)

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