Rot in Hell Shinzo Abe : The Wannabe Nazi Emperor Who Dared A Reviving of Unit 731 As Well

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You are reading and listening to the same shit, poor you, I do not envy you. Anyway, he, the Nazi, is now dead, is food for worms , resign yourself, idiots with head good only to consume shampoo.

– Authored by Unit731 Via Experiments On Human Guinea Pigs

– Authored by Shinzo Abe Via Photograph


-Unit 731- Unknown to millions … of idiots studying from TV and traffic light rumors.

Former Japanese right-wing prime minister Shinzo Abe was part of a fascist cult called Nippon Kaigi.

This multi-level semi-secret society aims to restore the Japanese Empire (by denying its genocidal crimes in China, Korea, and Japan itself), cancel the pacifist Constitution, end the laws on women’s equality and rights. metaphorically forging new Samurai swords called ミ レ ニ ア ル 世代 – Mireniaru Sedai, i.e. Millennial.

Abe was a conservative who political commentators have widely described as a right-wing Japanese nationalist. [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] She was a member of Nippon Kaigi and had denialist views on Japanese history, [10] including denying the role of government coercion in recruiting comfort women during World War II, [11] a position that created tensions with neighboring Korea. of the South. [12] [13] He was considered an intransigent with respect to Japanese defense policy and advocated the revision of Article 9 of the Japanese pacifist constitution to allow Japan to maintain military forces. [5] [14 ] [15] In 2015 he successfully proposed, supported and adopted security reform legislation to allow the Japanese exercise of collective security, the passage of which has been controversial and has met with major protests.

Unit 731 is guilty of abominable crimes against humanity, heinous experiments on prisoners / guinea pigs without anesthesia of any kind. For years.

It is also known that Unit 731 and the Nazi SS met in the open sea, presumably in the Indian Sea, using U-Boats as floating meeting places.
There, surrounded by oceanic nothingness, Nazis and Imperialists exchanged test tubes with chemical and bacteriological agents.

These missions took place without official registration. Adolf Hitler had given a peremptory order never to use chemical weapons in the conflict, whether in victory or defeat.

Himmler was not of this opinion.
Fortunately we know that the intent remained so and the Nazis at least did not have time to counterattack with this nefarious type of weapons, however Churchill for his part had a plan ready for a bombing with anthrax on all Germany.

For all this, and also for his anti-Russian position, that Nazi Wannabe Emperor got what he deserved.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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