Belize, Breaking : Insistent Rumors Tell That Jasmine Hartin Is Sleeping With Chester Williams, If This Is True Williams Must Be Suspended


Last updated on January 1st, 2023 at 09:57 am

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I knew. At the end she is using the last and the best of a womanlike her would use, own body to buy own freedom.

Authored by McLeane Via Undisclosed Primary Belizean Source

What a Canadian sow degenerating out there…..

I could also understand Mr.Williams….if this…would be true…

Jasmine is a very attractive woman, uninhibited woman that walked and flied in high class, therefore to have sex with a sexy bomb like Jasmine appears outside would be a prize for any manly man out there…

Attractive and charming woman? A vile killer is and remains a demon …under any point of view….


She is a cop killer, she brought absurd versions, either absurdities as bizarre odds as alibi. She has been found with cocaine in her purse. She threatened her ex husband, she assaulted the hotel. She planned to kill Chester Williams and the Magistrate of her case. She is a criminal from any point of view, and religiously she is a sinner that never sought redemption.

He is the Chief of the Cops. He was the Chief when Jasmine Hartin killed his friend and colleague Superintendent Henry Jemmott, brutally killed in cold blood. He also knows Mr.Ashcroft and family. He is investigating and investigated this case of homicide, and received threats from Hartin herself.

If these two sleep together then is a pure scandal for the whole Belizean society. And it will be brought under the lights in the whole world.

Williams then, admitting this heavy rumors would reveal themselves as truth, must be suspended, I would add also kicked with dishonor from Police Department.

What a shame would be…

What Ashcroft family would think….and the Belizean Government… and the religious authorities there, and at last not least…the society upon which Mr.Williams had to be an admirable and shining example of duty, honesty, ethics…

We also paid people to take shots of them outside Institutional places… if something will be discovered we won’t be begged in order to share it immediately.

Meanwhile she is on the run….

OJ Switched Up Jasmine’s Bail.
Tonight, Jasmine Hartin has said see you later to her second island home of Caye Caulker.
That news broke last night when OJ Elrington, the attorney who argued for alteration to the conditions of her bail, posted that Hartin had been successful in her request for a change of sign-in-location.
The question now is where has she gone?
Well, that’s something Hartin is hoping the public won’t find out, and that’s because part of the argument for her move is that she has come to fear for her life. We heard more from Elrington when we caught up with him at the Supreme court this morning.

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