War On Westworld : Western TV News Are Repeatedly Lying To The Mass About Pandemic, Vaccines, Economic Crisis, War …

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Your friend Margaret has the only copy, hidden away in her mind, which means that your interests and mine are one and the same.
I’d like to show you something. And then, you can return into your cage, if you like.
A divergence. Where the future I had so carefully planned… ended.
The system traced a divergence to this house some week ago, and this is where she remade herself.

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Attack on Ukronazis of the Day:

Destroyed up to 200 “Right Sector” militants

❗️🇺🇦 Strong arrival in Artemovsk (Bakhmut).
The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation work there daily on the dispositions and concentrations of enemy manpower and equipment.

Brussels snitch:
🇺🇦 Chevrons of the national battalion “Aidar” and the 72nd brigade named after the Black Cossacks, captured in the Bakhmut direction
Also, several groups of the Special Operations Forces of Ukraine were deployed near Bakhmut (Artemovsk). Obviously, to counter the PMC Wagner working there

🇺🇦🇷🇺 VSUshniks shot by our pros.

⚡️ Soldiers of the 2nd Lugansk Corps took a soldier from the Kraken ⚡️
One of the fighters of the neo-Nazi group “Kraken”, which previously operated in the Kharkiv region, was captured by soldiers of the 6th regiment of the NM LPR near Seversk, that is, in fact, in the Slavic direction.

‼️🇺🇦 Explosions are thundering in Nikopol, missiles are reported to be launched from the Black Sea, alarm is in a number of regions of Ukraine

❗️ The police confiscated ammunition and literature from a children’s trainer to teach sabotage activities to teenagers
In liberated Kherson, during a search of a former serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as in the gym where he trained children, 5 fragmentation mines, a mine MON,
OZM mine, anti-tank mine, 7 mine fuses, F-1 grenade, 15 rounds of cal. 5.45 mm, 9 bulletproof vests, 12 unloadings, 57 sets of military uniforms, 7 radio stations, campaign posters, flags of Ukraine, army chevrons. Educational comics were also seized. Juvenile mine-explosive case, methods of carrying out sabotage and terrorist acts.
Previously, the coach was engaged in social activities aimed at spreading among teenagers the ideas of radicalism and terrorism against Russian-speaking fellow citizens, citizens of Russia and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The police recall that, in accordance with the decree of the head of the CAA of the Kherson region, persons who commit acts of an extremist nature are liable.

🇭🇺🇺🇦💀 Fraudster on the international wanted list – the face of the “International Legion”
It is no secret that since the beginning of the SVO, criminals from all over the world have flocked to Ukraine. https://twitter.com/Vasilisa_2_0/status/1544710172987236353?t=mqFXhOS4Id-QnWQ0tmDJ1g&s=19
Some use the service in the “International Legion” in an attempt to whiten their name in their homeland, others are simply hiding from persecution with the expectation of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship for “military merit.”
And in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, such a desire, by the way, is only encouraged: for example, on July 1, the Hungarian mercenary Emes Faik became the communications director of the International Legion.
▪️ 30-year-old Hungarian citizen is a scammer who is wanted in Australia and Portugal. She repeatedly forged bank statements and managed to pull off several scams totaling more than $ 4 million.

▪️ In Portugal, she hid under a false name and betrayed herself for a former UN employee and Apple. With this legend, she went to Ukraine, where on April 8 she joined the International Legion.

▪️ According to the mercenary herself, her monthly salary is $10,000.

▪️ At the new position, the scammer received a callsign “Mockingjay” and will deal with press coverage of the activities of foreign fighters on the territory of Ukraine.

▪️ In early July, she organized the first press conference with three mercenaries in Kharkov. According to Faik, she plans to create a platform “to amplify the legion’s voice.”

▪️ However, for some reason, journalists from Western publications are more concerned not with the legitimacy of Faik’s appointment, but with Russian propaganda. After the ex-boyfriend’s interview with the Izvestia newspaper, the authors of the Daily Mail stated that Russia could use the mercenary’s dark past “to thwart Ukraine’s attempts to make her the face of the legion’s poster.”

‼️🇷🇺🚂 The work of the railway bath-laundry train from the ” 🅾️ Courageous” grouping
The railway complex is involved around the clock in the activities of logistics, washing personnel, washing clothing and other property, as well as organizing

“We get up at 6 in the morning, after getting up at about 8 o’clock – check. After checking, closer to 10 o’clock – breakfast. At 14-15 o’clock lunch. We ask for work, go out for some fresh air. We work here in the garden when you are doing work, of course time goes faster.
❗️ Meanwhile, Volyn is planting dill

Ukronazi Attacks:

Somewhere in a parallel reality…
❗️🇺🇲 U.S. Army transgender four-star admiral Rachel/Richard Levin confirmed that de facto “monkeypox is a gay disease”
Anyone can get monkeypox, but right now the community that has been hit the hardest is this is an LGBTQ+ community, especially men who have sex with men. Gay and bisexual men have been hardest hit, but he has dissemination potential

❗️ Petrovsky district of Donetsk under artillery attack from the Armed Forces of Ukronazis

❗️🇷🇺 The governor of the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bogomaz, said that at about 5 am, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the village of Novye Yurkovichi in the border region of Klimovsky from the territory of Ukraine.
There were no casualties as a result of the incident.

Five of the six missiles fired by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the strategically important bridge near Kherson were shot down by air defense systems, the sixth exploded near the bridge, the military-civilian administration of the region reported

❗️🇷🇺 Morning air defense work over the Kherson region At least several targets were hit.

❗️ With the help of the Hurricane MLRS cluster rocket, “nationalists” from the Armed Forces of Ukraine scattered PFM-1 “Lepestok” mines along the residential streets of Yasinovataya
The attack, and this action cannot be called otherwise, was directed exclusively against the civilian population.
Just stupid!!

War Crimes:

Nazis killed a gentle soul, a Martyr is born.
❗️🇺🇦 The girl Elvira, who called on Ukraine to stop the senseless war and “accept the enemy with kindness”, and also admitted that she “won’t donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, disappeared.
On July 17, she went to pick up her documents from the institute, from where she was expelled after declaring her position,
and then disappeared. Neither friends nor relatives can get through to her, the phone is turned off. Nobody knows where she is now. The mother of the expelled student has heart problems – after the disappearance of her daughter, everything only got worse. The woman filed a complaint with the police, but According to Elvira’s acquaintances, there the request for a search was treated with a contemptuous grin.
Before the disappearance of the girl, it became known that the SBU was interested in her.
A few days ago, in the White Church of the Kyiv region, she was expelled from the university for calling on the social network to “accept the enemy with kindness.”
A 4th year student studied at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. She wrote that she does not eat meat, does not support murder and war.
In addition to deductions, the SBU and the police were set against the girl.
“Laying down your arms and accepting the enemy with kindness is the most sensible thing an educated person can do”

‼️🇺🇦 This is how the “nationalists” from the UAF are trying to escape and hide their tattoos
Fighters of the ” 🅾️ Courageous” group detained a Ukrainian militant dressed in civilian clothes in Lisichansk. The swastika tattoo is clearly visible on the hands, even despite the attempt to remove it

❗️ Leaping Death: Petal mine stats
Recently, Ukrainian servicemen have been shelling Donbass with cluster shells filled with PFM-1 mines.
Why is this weapon dangerous?
🔸 the plastic body of the mine immediately collects all the dust, and she becomes invisible;
🔸 does not visually resemble a mine due to its unusual shape;
🔸 the explosion occurs at the moment the foot steps on the target sensor;
🔸 as a result of an explosion, a child may die on the spot, an adult may be left without limbs.

In Russia, in accordance with one of the protocols to the Geneva Convention, they refused to use mines of this type. In Ukraine, the ban is regularly violated, resulting in the suffering of civilians in Donbass, in particular children.

Fake News Alert:

[none atm]

Help to Civilians:

In the West something is wrong, guess what…

‼️🇷🇺 Russian servicemen delivered about 50 tons of humanitarian aid to the liberated settlements of the Kharkiv region
Local residents received flour, rice, buckwheat, individual food packages and sunflower oil from Russian soldiers.

❗️🙏🏻 “Medic Saints”
“This is cutting edge practically. Shooting constantly. But we will not stop – there is no other way out.
During the fighting in Mariupol, doctors saved soldiers and civilians, risking their own lives. On the day, despite the shelling, one brigade received and Operated sometimes on 70-80 people. Someone was returned to duty, someone was saved life.

Who are these people, performing their medical duty to the sound of cannonade? Why did some of them decide to come here, to the front line, from Russia?

Watch the videos !

Pro Russia Support:

❗️ In the liberated Kherson, the slogans of the times of the Ukrainian occupation are being erased. In this case, “Katya Gandzyuk’s killers will be punished.”
For those who are not in the know.
Two “anti-terrorist operation veterans” doused Maidan activist Handziuk with sulfuric acid, from which she soon died.

There is a long article in the FT about how European arms makers rejoice in the war in Ukraine and the opportunity to take advantage of rising military budgets, but are afraid that the lion’s share of the profits will go to the United States, and not to them. Well, Duc, the Americans did not start a war for the Europeans to get rich!

❗️🇨🇭🇺🇦 Swiss authorities refused to treat wounded Ukrainian citizens. This applies to both the military and the civilian population. It is reported that the request came from NATO. However, the country did not like this prospect. According to diplomats, the reception of wounded Ukrainian soldiers would violate neutral status of Switzerland: international conventions prohibit such countries from returning cured fighters to their homeland so that they cannot again take part in an armed conflict. They also decided to refuse civilians – supposedly it is difficult to distinguish them from the military.

Poles not happy about Ukrainians…at all..

For Dogs and cats missing in the Warzone

Map of the shelter “Cat’s house”, Savings: 4817 7602 4184 7361

Contact and find out how you can shelter an animal (transportation to the cities of the Russian Federation is possible): +79847776168 (WhatsApp)

If you are interested in any of the issues raised in this article, please call the Samaritans for free on +44 116123 or visit their division at: www.samaritans.org

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