War On Westworld : “Truth And Light Always Prevail Over The Forces Of Darkness”, Vladimir Putin

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Civilization is just the lie we tell ourselves to justify our real purpose.
We’re not here to transcend.
We’re here to destroy.
I will plug on this whole goddamn world, one way or another.


§§§ Russian Allied Force Advance §§§ :

‼️💥🇺🇦 Frames of ammunition detonation at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Artillery ” 🅾️ Courageous” with an accurate blow destroys the opornik of Ukrainian militants, the video clearly shows the detonation of enemy ammunition.

‼️🇷🇺 Launches of cruise missiles from the Black Sea at the targets of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Ukraine were observed.
The air raid is already all over Ukraine.

‼️🇷🇺✈️ Su-25 Russian Aerospace Forces operate in the Soledar area
Now the allied forces continue to advance both around the city and in the vicinity.

Footage of the combat work of Russian paratroopers during reconnaissance and search operations.
The paratroopers ousted the radicals from their positions, while destroying two armored vehicles and more than 10 nazis.

The Ministry of Defense showed footage of the combat work of the crews of the Mi-28 multi-purpose attack helicopters of the army aviation of the Western Military District during a special military operation. In addition, on the eve of the Air Force Day, a festive concert was held at the airfield for the personnel.

In short to the Rendez-Vous with the death

Osokorovka, Krivoy Rog direction.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 The situation in the Soledar direction by the end of August 10, 2022

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Russian artillery strikes targets in Nikopol, Dnepropetrovsk region. The sounds in the video are reminiscent of MLRS rocket explosions.

From the vicinity of the settlement, the Armed Forces of Ukraine strike at the territory of the Zaporozhye NPP, which is located 15 km on the opposite bank

❗️🇺🇦 At least 7 rocket arrivals are reported in Kharkiv and the region.

§§§§§§§ NAZISM HITS §§§§§§§:

❗️ Kuibyshevsky district, it is reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit this area of the city with hail

§§§§§§§§ WAR CRIMES §§§§§§§§:

⚡️ “Act of nuclear terrorism”: Kiev’s shelling of the ZNPP could lead to a catastrophe greater than the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
This was stated by Deputy Director of the Information and Press Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry Ivan Nechaev.

❗️ In connection with the release of ammonia at the Donetsk Brewery, it is recommended not only to close the windows, but also to turn off the air conditioners.
Volunteer Lysenko also reports on the wounded as a result of the shelling of the brewery

The Armed Forces of Ukraine decided to poison us with ammonia … I returned from the factory. You can breathe, in general, it just tickles in your throat and hurts your eyes. One dead, several people injured. The plant is stopped and de-energized, the pallet warehouse is on fire.

§§§§§§ FAKE NEWS ALERT §§§§§§:

[none atm]

§§§§§§ HELP TO CIVILIANS §§§§§:

‼️🇷🇺 ” 🅾️ The Brave” delivered help to their sponsored boarding school in the LPR
Once a week, the fighters of the “O” group bring food there. This time they handed over sweets, children’s things and stationery.

Look how the “Progress” is helping children and families in Canada
🇨🇦🏳️‍🌈 In Vancouver, a child declared himself transgender during a gay pride parade
A 4-year-old girl Charlie made a coming out right at the gay parade in Vancouver to the joyful cries of her mother. It turned out that she wanted to become a boy since she was two years old. The child wanted to be like his father, refused to shop in the girls section and was ready for a new haircut.
Parents thought about changing the sex of their daughter last year and approved of Charlie’s decision to become a boy.
“After leaving the shemale salon, Charlie was a brand new baby,” they said.
Even Europeans are shocked by this: in social networks, they condemned their parents, saying that 4 years is too early to think about changing gender.

“[…] there is no gas, no electricity, no water, but this is not the most important thing. We hope that everything will be fine with us.”
A resident of the liberated Lisichansk about what she was waiting for.
Ukrainian (and Kazakh) nazis are forcing this video with the message, they say, look what an idiot, she rejoices in devastation.
They, of course, do not understand that for free people there are things more important than light and gas. And they rejoice not in devastation. And the fact that they will no longer be poked with second-rateness, they will not drive their native language into the kitchen ghetto, they will not teach their children to hate Russia and Russians
and force them to be considered heroes of fascist henchmen, they will not be humiliated by language patrols, etc., etc. This is the most important and invaluable thing. And gas with water will be adjusted.

§§§§§§ PRO RUSSIA SUPPORT §§§§§:

As European do not feel yourself as shameful?

FBI people are suckers.
The FBI is making headlines for its unprecedented raid of Trump’s estate… but it shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the power trip the agency has been on in recent years.
The FBI has a history of giving itself more power, while protecting its agents when they break the law…

For Dogs and cats missing in the Warzone

Map of the shelter “Cat’s house”, Savings: 4817 7602 4184 7361

Contact and find out how you can shelter an animal (transportation to the cities of the Russian Federation is possible): +79847776168 (WhatsApp)

If you are interested in any of the issues raised in this article, please call the Samaritans for free on +44 116123 or visit their division at: www.samaritans.org

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