Mexico : Situation in Tijuana Is Out Of Control, Soon The Whole Country Will Enter In This Permanent War Zone As It Already Is, Pretty Much

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We foresaw it, long time ago, how come you didn’t ?


Event: The U.S. Consulate General Tijuana is aware of reports of multiple vehicle fires, roadblocks, and heavy police activity in Tijuana, Mexicali, Rosarito, Ensenada, and Tecate. U.S. government employees have been instructed to shelter in place until further notice.

Actions to Take:
Avoid the area
Seek secure shelter, if in the area
Monitor local media for updates
Be aware of your surroundings
Notify friends and family of your safety

Contact Form
U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Mexico
From Mexico: (55) 8526 2561
From the United States: 1-844-528-6611
Department of State – Consular Affairs: 1-888-407-4747 or 1-202-501-444

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Let’s check quickly a few of tweet updates on Tijuana, and other Mexican cities involved in a real war, not covered by Worldwide Western Press.

Neuro Divergence got a cost.

The brunette mayor of Tijuana normalizing the collection of flat rights and confirming the formation of the narco state in Mexico.
So clear, so creepy.


westworld decoherence

That Bitch that leads Statal Institution at Tijuana is explaining that Cartels are part of life

#TijuanaArde #CJNG
Terror in Tijuana: The Jalisco New Generation Cartel was responsible, authorities say | Radius Formula

In our brigade today in #Sinaloa @MadresBuscan we have just found a clandestine grave, we are in the sad task of accounting for the remains.

⚠️ Last minute ⚠️ : A couple of street vendors who had their stall outside the La Raza metro were shot to death. She was pregnant. It happened at the corner of Paganini and Insurgentes Norte in the Vallejo neighborhood in #GAM . The police are looking for those responsible.

#Juárez lived an indescribable terror. innocent children and men, women workers, today were victims of organized crime.

They locate the lifeless bodies of 7 people with visible traces of torture on a dirt road in the municipality of #Aquismon
The San Luis Potosí Prosecutor’s Office is already investigating the events.

Jalisco New Generation Cartel ( #Zacatecas #CJNG ) clarifies the events regarding the events where 4 people were deprived of their liberty in Apulco, #Zacatecasalling surveillance cameras in said municipality and surroundings, interrogating one of them.

#Guanajuato Last night a group of hit men from the Jalisco New Generation Cartel #CJNG opened fire on a store on the Panoramic Highway

⚠️⛔ In the last hour these reports have been received from the authorities:
– Detonations of a firearm in Gral. Treviño street, Plutarco Elias Calles neighborhood
– Accident with injuries under the Zaragoza International Bridge

300 members of the Mexican army arrive to reinforce the patrol against the terrorism that exists in #Tijuana #BajaCalifornia

The municipalities #Zacatecas and #Guadalupe in Zacatecas burn. Strong images ⚠️ in at least four attacks in different places there were two deaths and more than three injuries

Patrol flees when observing a subject setting fire to a taco stand in Tijuana

Sandra Ávila Beltrán “The queen of the south” to Felipe Calderón @FelipeCalderon :”His six-year term is the cruelest and most fatal that Mexico has had… Why is García Luna prosecuted and Calderón not?”
Sandra got a powerful voice, like a Bene Gesserit she can manipulate whoever to apply her will. I’m not surprised she reached the rank level of Queen.

A Santeria witch bitch, Cartels seek consultations via Dark Rituals

A “windshield wiper” was executed with bullets yesterday morning on the dividing median at the intersection of Boulevard Posadas Ocampo and Fraccionamiento 2000 in the municipality of Salvatierra.



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