War On Westworld : Twitter and Meta Have Deleted The Accounts Leading Pro-Western Propaganda, Neuromancer Rules

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The board is an experiment. A testing chamber.
The posts are the variables…and the readers are the controls.
When readers come to the board, they don’t know they’re being watched.
We get to see their true selves.
Their every choice reveals another part of their cognition.
Their drives.
So that the Baron can understand them.
So that the Baron can copy them.

The social network Twitter and the corporation Meta (“Meta”, recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation) have deleted the accounts leading pro-Western propaganda:


_____[][][]_____RUSSIAN ALLIED FORCES ADVANCE_____[][][]______:

Not soldiers….just civilians forced to dress as soldiers. Not dedicated warriors, and even mercenaries. Poor people, guys, cons…

‼️🏴‍☠️ In the liberated Lisichansk, the ” 🅾️ Brave” discovered the lair of a terrorist from the “Azov” regiment
During the cleansing of Lisichansk, an apartment was discovered in which Igor Borisovich Mashintsev lived. During the events of the Maidan in 2013, he joined the “Right Sector”

❗️🇺🇦 Numerous arrivals targeting UAF targets in Kiev-controlled Zaporozhye and the region are reported. There were at least a dozen explosions

❗️🇺🇦 Reported arrivals in Kharkiv region

❗️🇷🇺 Vigilant residents of the liberated part of the Kharkiv region informed the National Guard about the spotter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and after the arrest, he handed over the cache with American grenade launchers.

If they think to fuck with Belarus the answer will be done in instants.

The Ministry of Defense has published footage of the combat work of airborne units during a special military operation.
The reserve of the unit commander as part of a flamethrower platoon with fire from Shmel infantry flamethrowers destroyed the advancing units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and did not allow them to break through.

🇷🇺 Atmospheric video from the front:
“Agatha Christie” – Samoilov, Ka-52. Handsome! 😎
“We fly and you crawl You are freaks, freaks…”

zelhitlerer.com 2022.08.25

[][][][]______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____[][][][] :

❗️🇺🇦 In the early morning, Ukrainian militants fired 10 rockets at the city of Stakhanov
According to the representative office of the LPR in the Joint Center for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire, Ukrainian militants fired 10 missiles from the American HIMARS multiple launch rocket system.

❗️❗️ In the center of Donetsk, on Studgorodok near the overgrown stadium between the Manege and the Student Hospital, Ukrainian [email protected]@mi scattered mines-petals. Be careful!

⚡️ Ukrainian armed gangs shelled the Kalininsky district of Gorlovka. It is reported that enemy shells hit the Stirol substation.

‼️🇺🇦🏴‍☠️ Armed forces of Ukraine again shelled the area of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and Energodar – a fire broke out. In Energodar, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired on and smashed a substation coming from the nuclear power plant. There were more than twenty hits. The city is de-energized, the forest is burning near the power plant. Possible use of incendiary projectiles reported

In 2014 Misha became a volunteer in the armed conflict in Donbass. There he lost two legs and an arm. And schoolgirl Sasha and student Sonya were already born without a left forearm. How they lived before and what has changed after prosthetics – in our material:

“Broken Temples”
‼️🇺🇦🏴‍☠️ Ukronazis shelled the Assumption Church of the Holy Assumption Nikolo-Vasilyevsky Monastery in Nikolsky – Headquarters of TerO DPR
According to eyewitnesses, the shelling took place right during the sacrament of unction. Fortunately, no one was hurt as a result.

Over 8 years of hostilities in the Donbass, the Ukrainian army destroyed and damaged more than 90 churches. In the summer of 2014 alone, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 12 churches. Nationalists deliberately shoot at churches

🇷🇺 envoy to UN #Nebenzia: AFU continue to shell the territory of #ZaporozhyeNPP and the city of #Energodar almost daily, creating a real risk of a radiation accident at the plant with catastrophic consequences for the entire European continent.

Head of the department of land relations of the Kharkiv City Council Sergey Kolesnik. Refugee in Nice on Porsche.

❗️ Footage of the aftermath of shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Gorlovka in the DPR. They show that residential buildings were damaged by the impact.
As a result, a resident died and two children were injured.

[]-[]-[]-[]___FAKE NEWS ALERT___[]-[]-[]-[]:

‼️🔥 Zelensky’s blatant lie at the UN was exposed: the echelon destroyed by the missile attack turned out to be a military train, military equipment is on the frames on the platforms, obviously burning wagons were transporting military personnel
Yesterday, Zelensky blatantly lied to the UN about a missile attack on a civilian train in Chaplino.

Educational facilities are used to house AFU units, mercenaries, nationalists and ammo depots. Kiev regime & its Western sponsors bear full responsibility for yet another crime against the people. By depriving children of knowledge they deprive them of their future


___[][][]___HELP TO CIVILIANS___[][][]___:

After all she could be a lovely woman…
❗️🇩🇪🇷🇺 German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock advocates a compromise on the issue of granting Schengen visas to Russian citizens.

[]_[]_[]______PRO RUSSIA SUPPORT______[]_[]_[]:

The Satanic Parallel….

The ostentatious ornate Znamenskaya Church is famous for its unique STYLE. It is also an enigma: built at the turn of the 18th century, its architects still unknown, it survived both Napoleon’s & the Nazis’ invasions.
📍 Dubrovitsy, Moscow Region (Oblast’)

❗️🇱🇻 Gas prices in Latvia jumped almost 10 times. Previously, one megawatt per hour cost 24 euros, now it costs 200 euros, Civinity writes. What will happen next with prices is unknown. Residents of the country are already sounding the alarm: the average salary for people is 500 euros.

❗️ “Patience, brothers” – a “Tree of Heroes” appeared in Donetsk, hung with ribbons with messages to Russian soldiers
“Object” appeared in the park of the Lenin Komsomol, next to the Alley of Heroes. At the foot of a sprawling tree growing near the monument to the heroes of the Donetsk People’s Republic

Full video 😁 :

How a security guard at the US Embassy in Moscow got to work at 5 am
Turns, poles and a construction pit – there were so many dangers on the way of the brave 27-year-old security officer of the American embassy in Moscow. Previously, the name of the hero is Navarro Nicholas- Navarro is known to have undergone special training at Quantico, Virginia, and since 2021 is a security officer at the US Embassy.

🇺🇦 Order of Lenin is being dismantled from the facade of the building of the Odessa railway station 🤦🏼‍♀️

sanna marin

[]-[]-[]-[] WESTWORLD DEGENERACY []-[]-[]-[]:

NEW – FBI interferes with Facebook over content posted by media companies on the platform, Zuckerberg suggests in an interview with Joe Rogan.

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For Dogs and cats missing in the Warzone

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