War On Westworld : Western Governments Will Soon Control People Using Hunger As Weapon

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Filthy fucking animals not cleaning up.
No wonder we have a fucking fly problem.
They just swallow glop shits and rinse,
but you understand, soap is mechanical, initiates creation of bubbles.
If you’re not making the little bubbles then you’re not spreading chaos.

Why farmers protest…why in such a food and energy crisis?
Icke explained that when there is not abundance of food the Government will be certainly able to control the people with an iron rod…

Annalena Baerbock: I will put Ukraine first “…no matter what my German voters think or how hard their life gets.



🇷🇺🇺🇦 Precise artillery fire destroyed the stronghold (fuel depot) of foreign mercenaries near Kharkov. A supposedly British military medical vehicle, a Land Rover Snatch, has also been destroyed.

MoD_Russia Updates:

🇺🇦🇷🇺 Another video from the “attack on Kherson”.
Destroyed Ukrainian tank after detonation of ammunition and turret throwing.
Polish T-72, which was in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. A crew member lies nearby.
“Chronicle of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kherson.”

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Artillery of the allied forces clamps the APU into a tactical vice in the direction of Bakhmut and Soledar. Powerful shelling is carried out from two points at once, and the copter captures how the nationalists scatter, leaving their wounded comrades behind.
Footage of the shock work of the artillery, which cuts off the Ukrainian

❗️🇷🇺 Missiles left the Belgorod region

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Battle for Kherson: the situation in the Posad-Pokrovsky and Aleksandrovsky sections as of 20.00 August 31, 2022

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______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Western Journalists must be taken in custody from Military police and tried for spreading fake news.
We are working on this from March 2022, and we will work on this until the moment that it will happen.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Shelling of Energodar on the morning of September 1, 2022
Early in the morning, the Armed Forces of Ukraine began to inflict massive strikes on Energodar and the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

In the Western information field and the Ukrainian media space, all this, of course, is presented as crossbows from the Russian side.

❗️☢️ The tour of the IAEA mission led by Rafael Grossi around the Zaporozhye NPP has begun.
“Over there you can see the IAEA commission headed by Rafael Grossi. A whole army of journalists from around the world is running side by side. Everyone is now rushing to him to ask their questions,”

❗️☢️ The IAEA mission plans to stay at the Zaporozhye NPP until September 3, today they will get acquainted with the working hall of the plant, and then visit the reactors, the head of the region said

❗️🇺🇦 A box of ammunition and personal belongings of Ukrainian soldiers – this is what a typical Ukrainian school looks like now.
This photo of one of the Nikolaev schools, occupied by the Ukrainian army and then covered by Russian artillery fire, was published by a Western journalist.

‼️🇺🇦 Intense positional battles began in the Kharkiv region at night, residents of Belgorod see flashes from explosions from the border
Rockets and artillery work powerfully.
It is reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are making an attempt to strike, they are met with heavy volleys of ours.

Kherson again under attack


❗️❗️ Such a screenshot, allegedly taken on my channel, was thrown today by Ukronazi resources.
Of course, there has never been such nonsense on the channel. The channel has not been hacked either. So the usual photoshop, and maybe even paint

In the screen there is news that “the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation! reports: an outbreak of monkeypox was found among the military personnel of the Russian Federation, supposedly 600 people are already infected”, but it is rather the opposite….

Here one of them:

❗️🇺🇦🏳 Ukrainian Prisoner from the gay Volkssturm.
Shooter from the 130th Volkssturm Battalion. He was taken prisoner in the Kharkov direction during the task of equipping observation posts. During interrogation, he said that in the 130th Volkssturm battalion same-sex

Company of the Kharkov Terodefense “Blue Oyster”. Sorry for adult content

______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

[none atm]


flag rus


⚡️🇷🇺 Astronauts from the ISS congratulated students on the Day of Knowledge
Russian cosmonauts Oleg Artemiev, Denis Matveev and Sergei Korsakov congratulated students and teachers from the ISS on September 1.
“This is a holiday that opens doors to the world of knowledge and opportunities,” Artemiev said.

Bitumen for your shitty roads in Europe? It was imported from Russia, now keep your shitholes anywhere, stupid democracy believer….

🇷🇸🇽🇰 It is reported that the full-scale exercises of the Serbian army have begun near the administrative border with Kosovo.
In recent days, an active movement of a large amount of military equipment has been noted in the border areas.

Russians, Vietnamese, Muslims, North Koreans, then again Russians, anytime the Western Satanist Globalist Press writes narratives that depicts the bad of them, of their leaders, because only Westerners are the good in the world and no one else….ISN’T IT ?

❗️🇺🇲🇨🇳🇷🇺 Prof. Jeffrey D. Sachs: Excessive fear of China and Russia is being sold to the Western public through the manipulation of facts.
A generation earlier, George W. Bush had convinced the public that the greatest threat to America was Islamic fundamentalism without mentioning that it was the CIA, along with Saudi Arabia and other countries, who created, funded and deployed jihadists in Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere in order for them to realize American wars …
The Western narrative about the war in Ukraine is that this is an unprovoked attack by Putin in an effort to recreate the Russian Empire.
However, the real story begins with the West’s promise to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev that NATO would not expand eastward, followed by four waves of NATO expansion:
in 1999, when three Central European countries were included; in 2004, 7 more joined, including those in the Black Sea region and the Baltic; in 2008, the intention to expand at the expense of Ukraine and Georgia; and in 2022, the invitation of four leaders of the Asia-Pacific region to NATO to target China.

Western media also fail to mention the US role in the 2014 overthrow of pro-Russian Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych; the failure of the governments of France and Germany, guarantors of the Minsk II agreements, to put pressure on Ukraine to fulfilled its obligations; the huge amount of US weapons sent to Ukraine under the Trump and Biden administrations in the run-up to the war; and the US refusal to negotiate with Putin on NATO expansion at the expense of Ukraine.

Jeffrey Sachs – professor at Columbia University, Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and President of the United Nations Network for Sustainable Development Solutions. He has served as an adviser to three UN Secretaries General and is currently a sustainable development advocate for Secretary General António Guterres



Tell me who are your friends and I will tell who you are….

arnold schwarzenegger con bill clinton 807866

For Dogs and cats missing in the Warzone

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❗️🇮🇱🇸🇾 Israel attacked the international airport in Aleppo, as well as the Syrian capital Damascus – Syrian media

The Israeli Air Force attacked the international airport in Aleppo and attacked the Syrian capital Damascus – the airport was also attacked.

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