The Queen Died : We won’t mourn her, Wales won’t, Scotland either, Probably India won’t, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, True Australians, Serbs, And

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I could continue for long that list…

qeen elizabeth ii

She was a devoted wannabe Nazi.

As Churchill, that butcher.

Now the 2 will meet again, in the hell of the dogs.


Her uncle planned to return King after Hitler would succeed to conquer London, it did not happen, but lil Lisbeth continued to love the Nazi traitor, among equals you should understand their feelings, you should be supposed to understand also what means High Treason of your same black blood, isn’t it?

king edoardviii

Hitler promised to this traitor that in the new United Kingdom under his command Wallis Simpson would become Queen.

1317 king edward viii of britain wanted to peace with adolf
Wallis Simpson, Traitor Edward VIII, Adolf Hitler

After all also Lisbeth’s husband walked, dealt and ate with Nazis, they were a great family…in any sense…

goering, hitler & p.sophie .jpg
Goering, Hitler & P. Sophie Battenberg


Nowadays the Empire is a joke, it’s crumbling, and it’s a great comfort in these dark times to appreciate unequivocal signs of this seeing this just yesterday:



Fottuti inglesi, urine degli Dei ubriachi.

Hanno fatto l’oro, e il loro.

Ma il tempo dell’adunanza è giunto.

queen shapeshifting 900x350

La Vecchia è schiattata.

E quel vecchio scemo se ne farà una ragione in quel che resta del suo trono.


United Kingdom Monarchy dies after her,

and the re-established Nazism in the heart of Europe.

Sieg Heil Lisbeth


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