War On Westworld Special : United States Stripped Ukrainian Gold Reserve Back At 2014, Legitimizing It Only On 17 July 2022

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Well they already stole the Nazi Gold Reserve and used that for the Marshall Plan, therefore now…

third reich boxes

Therefore now the yankees are using that gold to finance the war against Russia.
By this you may understand the funds that United States collected in order to be sent to Ukraine.

However European Countries did not steal enough Ukrainian gold to collect funds for keeping up that puppet wannabe Nazi Nation in war.
Too bad for them then.
Or…so they learn.




KIEV (Scrap Monster) : As per the report of a source from the Ukrainian Government, the Ukrainian gold reserves were confirmed to be moved on an aircraft from the Bristol Airport at Kiev to the United States. The report says that about 40 tons of gold was flown from Ukraine to US. However, according to the World Gold Council, Ukraine has in store 36 tons of gold reserves.

Gold reserves in 40 sealed boxes loaded on an aircraft which remains unidentified was reported to be transferred last night from the Bristol airport. Witnesses say the board took off immediately after loading the boxes.

According to reliable source from the Govt. of Ukraine, the transferring of gold was ordered by the acting Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Arseny Yatsenyuk. The new acting PM was replaced by the President of Ukraine who was ousted by U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland.

The gold transfer is speculated as Ukraine Government’s legitimate fear in safe-keeping their gold reserves in US Federal Reserve so that the Russian invasion doesn’t take possession of those gold bullions. The fact for gold transfer still remains shady.

According to the Gold Anti-Trust Action (GATA) Committee, the US Fed Reserve and the State Department was asked to disclose whether they had taken custody of Ukraine’s gold reserve. However, the department while acknowledging the inquisition said that they will respond to the issue soon.


GATA-Gold Anti-Trust Action:

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Has the U.S. just stripped Ukraine of its gold reserves?
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7:32p ET Sunday, July 17, 2022

Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:

Eight years ago as Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine, Ukraine’s gold appeared to have been hastily shipped to the United States. Nobody in authority would deny it:


Today the Ukrainian central bank acknowledged that $12 billion of its gold reserves recently was sold under pressure of the war with Russia that began this year:


Since Russia began its attack on Ukraine’s non-Crimean territory in February, the United States and its allies have appropriated tens of billions of dollars in military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. So why would Ukraine need to sell its gold reserves unless doing so was a condition of all that U.S. and European assistance, especially since the United States already had taken custody of the Ukrainian gold?

Stripping the wounded of their valuables in wartime always suggests greed or desperation — like desperation to keep the gold price down to support the U.S. dollar and other Western currencies.



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