War On Westworld: “We Won’t Offer Our Children For Sex Changes. We Are Witnessing Sheer Satanism In The West”, Vladimir Putin

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“You threaten me?” he growled.
“Indeed not. I merely point out to you that someone is attacking us through the basic arrangement of our lives. It’s clever, diabolical. I propose to negate this attack by so ordering our lives that there’ll be no chinks for such barbs to enter.”
“You accuse me of whispering baseless suspicions?”
“Baseless, yes.”

It turns out that the coup d’état and Maidan with snipers in #Ukraine is democracy, but referendums in #Donbas and the #Crimea are not.



❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 The situation in the Nikolaevsko-Krivoy Rog direction by the end of October 1, 2022

⚡ How WAGNER advances on Bakhmut
Together with the “musicians” the son of Yevgeny Prigozhin is fighting. This is ❗ his first appearance on camera.

🇩🇪🇺🇦 Rupture of the barrel of a Polish-made Ukrainian 155 mm Krab self-propelled guns due to wear from a high and long rate of fire.
Earlier, there were reports from the Ukrainian military about the rapid wear of the barrels of foreign self-propelled guns delivered to Ukraine, in particular the German PzH 2000.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Destroyed UAF column near Davydov Brod
In the afternoon, the Armed Forces of Ukraine made another attempt to attack Davydov Brod. This time they attacked not only from Belogorka, but also from the crossing in Belaya Krinitsa.

I met with the musicians of PMC Wagner. 🤙🏻
❗️ In their ranks is the son of Yevgeny Prigozhin – Pavel 😏 He is in this photo. What is happening in the Bakhmut direction – in the report

❗️🇷🇺 Enough to disperse the game about the shelling of Belbek airport in the Crimea!
The video clearly shows how the plane rolled out of the runway and exploded.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 APU fighters on the armor were ambushed during the attack on Yampol

s twitter.com 2022.10.01

______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Use VKontakte to trace Nazi profiles of living Nazi dissidents into Motherland then enchain them and punish them for the remaining of their miserable and dirty life.

Nazis got Liman because of an idiot named Lapin.
End of the report.

Hundreds in Ukraine attend marches celebrating Nazi SS soldiers

We are not supposed to ask logical questions

❗️ Consequences of shelling from the side of VFU Biryuzova st., Kirovsky district of Donetsk
As a result of the shelling of the Kirovsky district of Donetsk, a man born in 1948 died
The last minutes of a man’s life in the Kirovsky district of Donetsk.
The man died on the way to the hospital.

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Battle for Kherson: the situation on the Andreevsky site as of 19.00 October 1, 2022
▪️ After yesterday’s unsuccessful attempt to storm the village of Davydov Brod, Ukrainian formations launched a new offensive against the positions of the RF Armed Forces in the village. Total opponent


The missile strike on Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, that killed at least 25 civilians and injured about 50 IS UKRONAZI AND NOT RUSSIAN.


______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

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🇺🇲🇩🇪 “The downside of Make America Great Again” is, unfortunately, “Make Germany Poor Again”

🇷🇺 In Anapa, on the embankment, a schoolboy sells jam – the boy spends the proceeds to help Russian soldiers
A vacationer in Anapa shared with Readovka how she witnessed children’s patriotism – on the local embankment, a boy sells mulberry jam, and the proceeds

The same Bogdana Neshcheret, an ordinary of the “Ghost” brigade, with whom our fallen Hero was friends – Alexei Mozgovoy

Global Times: Europe suffers, but continues to impose sanctions – and America profits


Climate monarch King Charles III will not attend the UN climate conference #COP27 in Egypt.

🇺🇲 Yesterday, some were ironic about Putin’s words about gender. I don’t see anything funny here. The leftist madness of the West does not even think of slowing down.
In California, gender reassignment surgery is allowed without parental consent. The state governor signed into law

For Dogs and cats missing in the Warzone

Map of the shelter “Cat’s house”, Savings: 4817 7602 4184 7361

Contact and find out how you can shelter an animal (transportation to the cities of the Russian Federation is possible): +79847776168 (WhatsApp)

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