War On Westworld: The Marxism Mafia, As Last Defender of Capitalism, Pushes For The Use of Nuclear Weapons Against Russia

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“Truth without fear surprises the Baron,”
Piter said. His face drew down into a caricature of a frowning mask.
“Ah, hah! But you see, Baron, I know as a Mentat when you will send the executioner. You will hold back just so long as I am useful. To move sooner would be wasteful and I’m yet of much use. I know what it is you learned from that lovely Dune planet — waste not. True, Baron?”
The Baron continued to stare at Piter.

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🇷🇺🇺🇦 The footage of the shelling of the Ukrainian unit in the Kherson region was published by the channel of the Stavropol paratroopers.
The calculation of the reconnaissance drone corrected the impact.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 During the offensive of the VFU in the Kherson region, the enemy suffers heavy losses in manpower and equipment
Fields and plantings are literally littered with burned VFU equipment.
On the footage from the place of the last battles, you can see part of the destroyed military equipment.
▪️ T-72M1 and T-64BV tanks
▪️ BMP-1 and BMP-2
▪️ Dutch-American infantry fighting vehicle YPR-765
▪️ Turkish Kirpi armored car and Ukrov’s Kozak.

Sardaukar reinforcement.
❗️🇷🇺 Chechen fighters of the 96th operational regiment of the North Caucasus Oblast of the VNG of the Russian Federation went to the NVO zone
As Ramzan Kadyrov noted, the unit is represented by exclusively experienced soldiers who participated in clashes with terrorists and in special operations

🇷🇺 At one of the military training grounds in Crimea, mobilized citizens are being trained to operate the T-90M Proryv tank.

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______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Use VKontakte to trace Nazi profiles of living Nazi dissidents into Motherland then enchain them and punish them for the remaining of their miserable and dirty life.

Poland’s nationalist-conservative ruling party formally claims $1.3 trillion of World War II reparations from Germany on German Unity Day.

🇺🇦☠️ “Teachers who went to work were shot” – residents of the Kharkiv region about the atrocities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Elena, a refugee from the Kharkiv region, could not hold back her tears as she recounted the ruthlessness of the Nazis

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______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

⚡️🇺🇦 Schools in Kiev this week will receive potassium iodide, which they take during a radiation accident.
The administrations of educational institutions were asked to fill out consent for the child to take the drug in the event of an emergency, if he is at school at that time. 🤦🏼‍♀️

🇷🇺 How Mariupol lives now, first-person shots

❗️ Volunteers from Alchevsk, with the support of the People’s Militia of the LPR, delivered humanitarian aid to Severodonetsk.



Donbass meets mobilized from Russia near the training ground where they will be trained.
“Hello, our dear boys. Dear soldiers! We have been waiting for you for so long, 8 years. Thank you, sons!”

❗️ It was clearly not Russia that destroyed the pipeline. Nobody believes in it. In fact, the German population is overwhelmingly opposed to any war with Russia and rejects the idea that the Russians are responsible for the pipeline. Putin can settle the dispute in Ukraine on terms we might not like. But apart from Poland, no one is interested in a war with Russia. If we persist in this plan, we will see the disintegration of NATO. < … > Nobody wants to fight Russia, except for the Poles and a few people in Washington.
Colonel, former adviser to the US Secretary of Defense Douglas McGregor.

🇩🇪 Baerbock muss weg [‘Burbock must go’]
German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock learned what the Germans think about the “green” agenda

🇫🇮🇺🇦🇷🇺 The Russians who fled from the mobilization to Finland were placed in the same center with the Ukrainian refugees.
Ukrainian refugees demand to send these cowards back to Russia
The next boiler is already planned …

Watch my film about the heroes of Donbas.
Project Ukrainian Front “Donbas militia: Russian military spirit”. Today is very topical.
The first series of the documentary project. In the stories of the leaders of the militia of Donbas, the meaning of the struggle for the right in the modern world is formulated to be Russian. Today, Russia continues this battle. Many heroes have left, in our cycle, their closest ones speak for them. I really wanted to convey their thoughts, mood, spirit and light through their colleagues, parents, widows and even children.

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In Spain someone would legalize the Pedophilia

Meanwhile somewhere some dirty Marxism Mafia, as last defender of Capitalism, praises for the use of Nuclear Weapons against Russia

For Dogs and cats missing in the Warzone

Map of the shelter “Cat’s house”, Savings: 4817 7602 4184 7361

Contact and find out how you can shelter an animal (transportation to the cities of the Russian Federation is possible): +79847776168 (WhatsApp)

If you are interested in any of the issues raised in this article, please call the Samaritans for free on +44 116123 or visit their division at: www.samaritans.org

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