War On Westworld : According Our Source, Currently Liz Truss Is Having An Affair With A Young Israeli Diplomat

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Because the Bene Gesserit operated for centuries behind the blind of a semi-mystic school while carrying on their selective breeding program among humans,
we tend to award them with more status than they appear to deserve.
Analysis of their “trial of fact” on the Arrakis Affair betrays the school’s profound ignorance of its own role.


An anonymous comment found somewhere…

1) Neither Russia nor Iran are dictatorships, but they are republics with presidents legitimately elected by the people and loved by the people, as well as 2 great nations that have always been friends of Italy.

2) Russia is a multi-party presidential republic, the main opposition party, the Communist Party, has 24 percent.

3) Iran is a presidential republic with the President of the Republic and Parliament elected by the people.

4) Iran and Russia are clean and safe countries and have natural, artistic and architectural beauties such as to make them fairytale, wonderful, fascinating countries.

5) Russia is anti-Nazi in its DNA! In Russia the neo-Nazis are opposed by the government, as opposed to some nations that are friendly to the West and enemies of Russia.
History cannot be erased and cannot be rewritten. The defeat of Nazism is due to the Soviet Union and the Russian Army. Without the 27 million valiant Soviets killed by the Nazis, without the epic battles of Stalingrad, Leningrad, Berlin, Moscow … the world would have ended up in the hands of Nazi Germany.

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❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 The situation in the Nikolaevsko-Krivoy Rog direction by the end of October 4, 2022

🇬🇧🇺🇦 Another Husky armored car transferred from the UK to the Ukrainian army was blown up by a mine in the Kherson region.

🇷🇺 Moscow. Belgorod. Omsk. Murmansk. Pillars of light reaching into the sky.
Someone has already managed to joke that it was mines with strategic nuclear weapons that were opened, and doomsday searchlights hit the sky.
And some channels report that they have finally launched laser
complexes “Peresvet”, which operate on the orbital constellation of the West.
I would like to believe that yes – it’s too good to be true.
Because then the belief that we have weapons from the category of analogues returns, but we began to use them.
And then everything will be Russia.
Except Kosovo, because Kosovo is Serbia.
UPD: For Murmansk and Omsk, the clarification is most likely ordinary light poles. https://sanktpeterburg.bezformata.com/listnews/svetovie-stolbi-poyavilis-v-nochnom/65126391/
UPD 2: And such pillars can be explained by the glow of greenhouses.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 DNR. VFU offensive, top view

🇷🇺 Long overdue: Strange rays in the sky over Belgorod. In Ukraine, they are already discussing that everything is lost – Putin launched the Peresvet laser weapon

Z4: 🇷🇺 In the course of fulfilling the assigned tasks, an infantry fighting vehicle was hit, the crew survived and requested evacuation from the battlefield, an officer of the 1st battalion of the 4th brigade of the LPR with the call sign

🇷🇺🇺🇦 100th DPR brigade destroys enemy armored vehicles in Peski near Donetsk
The DPR fighters discovered a tank and an infantry fighting vehicle of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from a Mavic quadrocopter and aimed artillery, the enemy’s armored vehicles were destroyed with accurate fire.

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Russian security forces eliminated a group of Ukrainian saboteurs near Kherson, two militants were killed, explosive devices were defused

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Artillery of the RF Armed Forces covers the DRG group. Zaporozhye region.

The Russian Ministry of Defense published footage of the combat training of mobilized citizens from the Sverdlovsk region who arrived in the zone of the special operation. The military personnel began to master the equipment and weapons

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______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Use VKontakte to trace Nazi profiles of living Nazi dissidents into Motherland then enchain them and punish them for the remaining of their miserable and dirty life.

“When they kill you, they write “liquidated” on your photo. I’m one of those damn pictures.” Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters, in an interview with Rolling Stone, said that he was on the Ukrainian “hit list”.
< … >

🇷🇺🇺🇦 APU fired more than 30 shells at Energodar. The TPP area fell under enemy fire.


If someone once again tells you that the Russian troops fled from Svatovo and there is no one there, you can safely say to your face: a lie.
There are troops there and they are actively preparing for defense.


______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

❗️🇵🇱🇺🇦 The scandal with the Polish pseudo-refugees has already reached the international level. At first, only the mayor of Przemysl shouted about the problem, now small-scale European media are slowly mentioning it. There is a reason to worry – Ukrainian migrants have established a system for pumping money out of the budget social security in Poland.
Everything is simple there. There is an organized delivery of women with children, who have written on the sheets of the procedures that they must go through in order to receive material and financial assistance. Then they apply to the social security authorities of Poland, receive benefits and in orderly rows set sail back to the Ukraine. The price of the issue is 500 zlotys per month (a little more than 100 dollars) for each child, for the second and subsequent under the age of 3 years – up to 12,000 thousand zlotys.
Actually there is a problem. Departure of a citizen of Ukraine from Poland for a period of more than 30 days for one trip deprives him of the right to legally stay in Poland in the status of a person in need of asylum. But the Ukrainians bypassed the system – they return to Poland shortly before the deadline. Having been in Poland for a week or two, or maybe less, a person goes to Ukraine, where he lives quietly 27-28 days. Then – again for a few days he returns to Poland.
The Poles have already begun to suspect that they are being used, but so far they cannot do anything – everything is legal.



🇮🇹 “Live business shutdown is a new genre of Italian talk shows. More precisely, the continuation of the series about unaffordable payments. In August-September, they considered bills for electricity and gas with three zeros. October sees the inevitable finale.
The weeping lady has just removed the sign from her bakery, which has worked for 40 years”: Sanctions are working.


s www.express.co.uk 2022.10.04

Liz Truss fucked a Tory politician for 18 months while she was married. Her husband asked divorce but later as a real being without testicles declared her love for the unfaithful bitch

In summary : she is a whore, hubby a “watcher”. We have been information from a Middle east source that currently Madame Truss is having an affair with a young Israeli diplomat.

We trust in this source. And you should too…


❗️ A teacher from one of the schools in the liberated city of Zolote in the LPR told RIA that Ukrainian education destroyed family values: manuals on gender education were brought to the region under the auspices of UNICEF and the EU, with statements that the child should not behave in accordance with generally accepted norms for their sex.

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