War On Westworld : NAFO-NATO, In Summary…. They Suck. Truth Is More Solid Than Any Fake Stupid Yankee Memetic


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I shall continue to be such an embarrassment that I stick in their throats and choke them to death!”
“Words,” Kynes said.
Paul stared at him. Presently, Paul said: “You have a legend of the Lisan al-Gaib here, the Voice from the Outer World, the one who will lead the Fremen to paradise. Your men have..”
“Superstition!” Kynes said.
“Perhaps, “Paul agreed. “Yet perhaps not. Superstitions sometimes have strange roots and stranger branchings.”
“You have a plan,” Kynes said. “This much is obvious…Sire.”
“Could your Fremen provide me with proof positive that the Sardaukar are here in Harkonnen uniform?”
“Quite likely.”



🇷🇺 The song of the singer Maxim won not only the hearts of fans
The fighters in the SVO zone cheer themselves up with the football anthem of the Spartak club fans called “Do you know”. ❤️

Russia launched 13 Shahed-136 drones at night, 12 of them were shot down, the Armed Forces of Ukraine said. In particular, six drones were shot down in the sky over the Dnepropetrovsk region, said the head of the regional military administration

❗️🇷🇺 Footage of the detention by the FSB of an SBU agent who planned terrorist attacks in Crimea. Three high-explosive explosive devices were found on him, instructions for their use and a diagram of the location of power transmission towers in one of the regions of the peninsula

The column of Ukrainian marines in the Kherson direction was met with fire by our war.

“Musicians” are working on enemy positions in the Bakhmut direction

🇺🇦 Beregini:
Let’s add some details on our own how we worked with the Joker, who sees all units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in real time.

Zhiza from the battalion “Angel”: We even have a Sprite from Iran.😁

Chronicle of SVO November 1, 2022

s rusdozor.ru 2022.11.02

______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Use VKontakte to trace Nazi profiles of living Nazi dissidents into Motherland then enchain them and punish them for the remaining of their miserable and dirty life.

❗️On the footage of another shelling of the crossing for civilians from Ukraine
Eyewitnesses send footage of the moment of impact in the area of the bridge on the river crossing in Kherson at the time of the transport of civilians.

“The alphabet of a young Nazi” was found in Melitopol. Since childhood, Ukrainian kids have been instilled with hatred for Russia and Russians.🤬
This has been documented. A children’s alphabet was found in the local history museum of Melitopol, which can be called the alphabet of a young Nazi for the extremist content of this book.
“In a playful way, children were instilled with hatred for Russia and everything Russian,” said Evgeny Gorlachev, director of the museum.
Meanwhile, the DPR has its own ABC. Feel the difference 🤷🏼‍♀️

Poland…they erected a tin curtain equipped with cameras and alarm sensors on the fence over the borders with Russia and Belarus. Poland. Remember it.

As I confirmed this morning to President Zelensky, we are fully mobilised to increase our military support for Ukraine, particularly with regard to its anti-air defences.


About the meme war
On October 5, 2022, the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington DC hosted a roundtable discussion on “NAFO and Winning the Information War: Lessons Learned in Ukraine”.
NAFO is the North Atlantic Fellas Organization (Fella can be translated as “boyfriend”, “buddy”), and the recognition of the new structure as part of the Western military propaganda machine suggests that the experience will expand.
In a CSIS press release, NAFO is characterized as “an organic online group of pro-Ukrainian advocates creatively using digital media to combat key sources of Russian disinformation.” We are talking about attempts to devalue, “cancel” official information and facts, made public by the Russian side.
NAFO was created in May 2022, and one of its symbols is a cartoon image of a Japanese Shiba Inu dog, with which numerous memes are made. “Trans-Ukrainians” are invited to use it as your avatars.
Then images appeared with Javelin systems stylized as icons of the Theotokos (an ordinary American blasphemy), which, as it turned out, were parasitized by a Canadian journalist, a native of Ukraine, Christian Boris.
A savvy Canadian Ukrainian created Saint Javelin website https://saintjavelin.com
and started an online trade in “souvenirs” with similar paraphernalia. Pan Boris spends part of the proceeds on the purchase of equipment and ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and neo-Nazi formations.
These two areas are fundraising and spreading memes.
Saint Javelin website https://saintjavelin.com
and started an online trade in “souvenirs” with similar paraphernalia. Pan Boris spends part of the proceeds on the purchase of equipment and ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and neo-Nazi formations.
These two areas are fundraising and spreading memes or comments are the basis of NAFO’s work. The process is led by specialists in information operations.
NAFO co-founder is Matt Moores, https://csis.org/events/nafo-and-winning-information-war-lessons-learned-ukraine
former member of the United States Marine Corps.
At one time (2006 year) it was the major of the US Marine Corps Michael Prosser proposed the concept of memetic warfare. https://geopolitika.ru/article/memeticheskaya-voyna
Prosser argued that the attack on any ideology should be carried out as an attack on its central idea, and memes are the weapon of such an attack. According to Prosser, ideologies have the same characteristics that both diseases and memes are means of “curing” (or spreading) ideological diseases.
Since 2006, the methods of memetic warfare have advanced significantly, today NATO is fully armed with them. In this war, the enemy ideology is devalued, and the Internet is a field, where the information war is being waged.
Politico notes https://politico.eu/article/nafo-doge-shiba-russia-putin-ukraine-twitter-trolling-social-media-meme/
that “deepening into NAFO is a crash course… of weaponizing internet culture.”
The structure of NAFO looks amorphous, but it includes, for example, Estonian President Thomas Hendrik Ives, Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov, US Army Major General Patrick Donahue, Congressman Adam Kinzinger and other famous people.
The Washington Post writes, https://washingtonpost.com/world/2022/09/01/nafo-ukraine-russia/ that the work of NAFO is a trolling war. The publication quotes Eliot Higgins, founder of the well-known site BellingCat, associated with the British intelligence services. Higgins promises https://twitter.com/EliotHiggins/status/1564685798636548096
talk about NAFO “as an example of online communities responding organically to disinformation from governments”
Western observers are unanimous in https://vice.com/en/article/y3pd5y/shitposting-shiba-inu-accounts-chased-a-russian-diplomat-offline
that NAFO builds its work on the so-called shitposting (shitposting) – the placement of low-quality messages (literally: shit), thereby reducing the value of any texts and making them meaningless. The Economist calls it “frivolous practice”, but considers NAFO techniques “a surprisingly successful form of information warfare”. https://economist.com/europe/2022/08/31/a-virtual-army-of-impish-cartoon-pooches-is-waging-war-on-russia
With memes and vulgar Russophobic jokes, the North Atlantic Fellas Organization hangs psychological hooks in the virtual space. Shiba Inu dog, for example, portrayed as “gender neutral” by promoting LGBT people. The line of “holy javelins” provides mockery of Christian images. And all this is connected with the stupidity of the people (stupid people are easier to manage), with the planting of hatred in their subconscious.
The very vulgarity of memetic warfare, reinforced by the “cancellation culture”, is a means to win over the masses.

📰 Norwegian publications @Aftenposten were noticed in unsightly and custom-made activity to discredit the activities of Russian economic operators
and @DN_no
🔗 https://is.gd/rfERWF

______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

🇷🇺 Sevastopol residents organized a refugee assistance center – local residents bring clothes and basic necessities
As a rule, people who had to leave their homes because of the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine left in a hurry – “what they were in”, not having time to take even the items of the first
need. Obviously they need support. In Sevastopol, this was done by two caring women who created a help center for internally displaced persons.



#Zakharova: The US Secretary of Energy called for refusing to cooperate with Russian enterprises supplying nuclear technologies and fuel for nuclear power plants.
☝️ Russia stands for equal access of all countries to peaceful atom. We are extremely concerned about the politicization of this sphere by Western countries.


🇺🇲 “Gays and gentlemen! Hard times have come”: Biden formulated a universal appeal to the Americans. 😂

His son is not died in Iraq…but Millions are dead in Iraq for the war that he and other democratic and satanic warmongers unleashed without real evidences
Biden: “Inflation is a worldwide problem right now because of a war in Iraq… excuse me, the war in Ukraine. I’m thinking about Iraq because that’s where my son died.”

Street in New York. The main city of the hegemonic country, which is now occupied by Ukraine

We shall avenge Catherine II by hunting and releasing into justice the degenerates that did this

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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