War On Westworld : Anne Baerbock Made A Pact With Asmodeus, West Is Ruled By A Cohort of Demons, This is A Fact of Faith

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“There is trouble?” he asked. And he thought: I’ve seen visions of trouble over Alia.
Chani looked toward the growing line of the sunrise. “Some of the women banded to appeal to the Reverend Mother. They demanded she exorcise the demon in her daughter.
They quoted the scripture: ‘Suffer not a witch to live among us’ ”
“And what did my mother say to them?”
“She recited the law and sent the women away abashed. She said: ‘If Alia incites trouble, it is the fault of authority for not foreseeing and preventing the trouble.
And she tried to explain how the change had worked on Alia in the womb. But the women were angry because they had been embarrassed. They went away muttering.”

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Germany’s Foreign Office, led by Green Party’s Baerbock, ordered the removal of a historic 482-year-old Christian cross in the city of Münster in preparation for the meeting of G7 foreign ministers.




Mobilized snipers are intensively preparing to help the “Brave”

Artillery of the 11th regiment of the NM DPR destroys a tank of the Ukrainian army

Another video of the work of the Lancet kamikaze UAV is the destruction of the Ukrainian Strela-10 air defense system in the Artemovsk region.

Destroyed tank of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Svatov direction

The enemy took no action.
He tried to find the lines of defense of the paratroopers and marines. He restored crossings across the Ingulets River, which were immediately hit by our firepower.

Nikolaev direction:
The enemy manpower concentration areas in Stepovaya Dolina, Posad-Pokrovsky, Ukrainka and Novogrigorovka were hit. The enemy suffered significant losses in manpower and equipment.

The defeat of the Ukrainian radar station near Nikolaev
Footage of another successful use of a Russian kamikaze drone to destroy priority targets in the enemy’s close rear.
In the video, the loitering ammunition “Lancet” hits a mobile three-coordinate locator

I saw the mess that was happening on the Maidan, how they tried to overturn the government, like many others, I didn’t like it. This situation also played one of the roles of the fact that I went to defend my Motherland” – serviceman of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR, call sign “Senya”

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Russian loitering ammunition “Lancet” destroyed the American self-propelled guns “Paladin” in the Nikolaev-Krivoy Rog direction, the video of the defeat is at the disposal of the RIA. The video also shows the destruction of the Ukrainian radar station.

🇺🇲🇺🇦 Disruptions to the Starlink Mask service are a source of concern for Ukrainian forces, according to CNN.
“Ukraine’s fears that its troops could lose access to Elon Musk’s critical Internet service Starlink intensified last week after 1,300 military satellite

Chronicle of a special military operation November 4, 2022

November 5 – Day of the military intelligence officer of Russia.
Happy Holidays to all who went to reconnaissance.
And all those with whom they are ready to go there again.

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______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Use VKontakte to trace Nazi profiles of living Nazi dissidents into Motherland then enchain them and punish them for the remaining of their miserable and dirty life.

Somewhere since 2005, Russian television began to degrade. Since 2013, a new stage of degradation has been the transformation of Russian TV into Ukrainian.
Zelensky, channel “Russia” 2013

Documents of the 56th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was knocked out of their homes, were found in Pisky. The name flaunts right on the covers of accounting journals. Nearby is a map showing the strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – “The Reichstag is in place.

🇺🇦 When you choose an actor as president, the whole country becomes a movie set. ©


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______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

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The Russian members of the ISS crew congratulated the Russians on National Unity Day.
“Dear friends, we, Roscosmos cosmonauts Sergei Prokopiev, Dmitry Petelin and Anna Kikina, congratulate you on National Unity Day,” Prokopiev said

🇷🇺 Flash mob: “In the heart” in Krasnoyarsk. ❤️

“Everyone who disagrees with me on the Internet are Russian bots,” Edward Snowden tweeted a universal guide for children on online disputes.
Sometimes a joke is only a fraction of a joke 😁

The number of cemeteries in Ukraine with those who were killed by total mobilization is only growing. Here is another from the nameless village. At the same time, Kyiv tries not to speak loudly about its losses, so as not to provoke a popular revolt.

🇷🇺 Footage from the PMC Wagner Center, which opened in St. Petersburg. The center will host the works of inventors, designers and IT specialists free of charge, which will help the development of the military industry. 🤙🏻

On National Unity Day, residents of our big country launched a flash mob with their national dishes.😊

Yesterday, Donetsk. Feast on Shevchenko Boulevard in honor of National Unity Day 🇷🇺❤️
Residents of Donetsk fulfilled the dream of Alexander Zakharchenko on National Unity Day
The first head of the DPR dreamed of celebrating reunification with Russia at one common table. Unfortunately, “Dad” did not live to see this date.

Vladimir Putin: Mariupol is a well-known, very ancient, one might say, Russian city. Peter I founded, as you know, his first military flotilla there and won the first victories, then Suvorov made his steppe campaigns there, Catherine II equipped these lands. This is very interesting place. There is something to work on, of course, people have suffered greatly. Yesterday late in the evening with my colleagues, it was already, probably, about twelve o’clock, by midnight, we discussed the restoration of just these territories – Donbas, Mariupol, which was badly damaged. They also need housing restore, and the sphere of social infrastructure, kindergartens, libraries, theaters and museums. Today we are celebrating National Unity Day. And these objects of material culture, which confirm the entire course of historical events associated with this land, with these people, First of all, they are very important for people who have lived for 30 years under some crazy, absolutely idiotic nationalist propaganda to understand where they come from. Strictly speaking, what happened there suggests that people already understand that.
So that the young people who grew up under the conditions of this propaganda – crazy, Bandera, so that they understand – what they are doing, the position that they take today is absolutely verified and correct, and based on the historical tradition of their ancestors.

🇷🇺 Putin: It is known that if someone wants to deprive a state of sovereignty and turn its citizens into vassals, they start by rewriting the history of this country, depriving people of their roots, dooming them to unconsciousness.

s www.google.com 2022.11.05

23 August 2019, Saxony, Dresden: Annalena Baerbock, Co-Federal Chairman of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, sits in the Volkswagen Transparent Factory during a round of talks. On the same day, a discussion event takes place in the manufactory on the occasion of the forthcoming state elections.


Sweden, homeland of courage and freedom….
Dagens Nyheter: The final nail in the coffin for business. Electricity debts of companies in Sweden rose almost 100% in the first three quarters of the year. Small companies are at risk of bankruptcy

Biden: “At the time, Amy Barre—er… was uh, Barra, uh, Chairman Barra of General Motors was suing the State of California.”

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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