War On Westworld : “Twitter Bankruptcy Is Not Out Of The Question”, C.I.A. Contractor Elon Musk

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The further south you go the more rare it is to find some really smart and knowledgeable programs …

Russia has ordered the withdrawal of its troops west of the Dnipro River around the city of Kherson. This was announced by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

White House: “Regulation of cryptocurrencies is needed.”



🇷🇺🕊 A cloud of incredible beauty over Alexandrovka Donskaya amazed the locals
Photo taken on November 10, Pavlovsky district, Voronezh region 😍

🪖🇷🇺 In the Belgorod region, the instructors of PMC “Wagner” began to conduct the first classes.
Local residents who wish to learn the skills of handling weapons and tactical medicine are recorded in the ranks of the militia.

MoD_Russia Updates:

Fortification works on the left bank of the Dnieper. Somewhere in the Kherson region.

Spetsnaz Archangel: MLRS “GRAD” is working on the enemy in the Kherson direction.

PMC “Wagner”. Contract with the Motherland.🤙🏻
The premiere of the film about the legendary fighters is coming soon!

“I have been fighting since 2014. Specifically in this unit since May 2015. The most important thing now is to recapture the area. This is the most important thing, Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Task number one is priority. If the task is set to move on, then it will be necessary to move and take away “-

“The enemy is firing. They see us, but they cannot hit us, because the distance does not allow, but they whistle well overhead. They approach, we do not let the enemy pass. We are working hard, we are vigilant. The enemy will not pass! The truth is upon us! Victory will be ours!” – soldier of the DPR.

Accurate arrival at the dugout where the Ukrainian Armed Forces hid.

Again Kherson direction. Works “Lancet” : American howitzer is leaving the chat.

Footage of the defeat of the howitzer of Ukrainian troops by the kamikaze drone “Lancet” in the Nikolaev-Kryvyi Rih direction

We spent that night on the Antonovsky bridge. We met our soldiers, who with honor completed their task on the right bank of the Dnieper.
Paratroopers covered the withdrawal of troops. Their column was the last to leave along the Antonovskrma bridge. Yes it is.

Even before the pantones were folded, evacuation from Kherson across the Dnieper on foot. Apparently, units of the special forces that covered the withdrawal of the main forces are withdrawing.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 The explosion of the railway crossing near the Antonovsky bridge.
The video was reportedly filmed by Ukraine.
It is also alleged that it was blown up by Russian fighters, this is a signal for the end of the withdrawal of the group from the right bank of Kherson.

🇷🇺 And here is the same Russian warrior named Aleksey, who calmly beat off grenades dropped on him from a Ukrainian drone. Long life to you, Lyosha, and an ocean of luck!

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Chronicle of a special military operation November 10, 2022

The Russian flag over Pavlovka – the marines of the 155th and 40th brigades of the Pacific Fleet and the fighters of the OBTF “Kaskad” pushed through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
Video of hoisting the flag in Pavlovka.


______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Use VKontakte to trace Nazi profiles of living Nazi dissidents into Motherland then enchain them and punish them for the remaining of their miserable and dirty life.

☣️ #US-based @theintercept
rolled out massive investigation into failures by biologists at 🇺🇸biolabs studying viruses to comply with #biosafety standards when working with dangerous pathogens, reveals 1️0️0️s‼️ of serious incidents over past 2️ decades.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine shelled the city of Kamenka-Dneprovskaya near Energodar from American M-777 howitzers. Correspondent Roman Polshakov showed the consequences of hitting 155-caliber shells.

The bust of Pushkin in Zhytomyr was unveiled in 1899. This is the first monument in the city! In 1941, it was dumped by the German Nazis, who wanted to melt down the bust, but the locals saved it, hiding it from the invaders. And now the modern Ukrainian. the Nazis completed the work of Hitler – the bust of Pushkin was destroyed!

International exercises have begun in the United States that simulate battles against Russian troops in Europe, The Times writes.
They are held at the Fort Irwin base in the Mojave Desert, the relief of which, according to the organizers of the exercises, resembles the Ukrainian steppes.

Hollywood actor and CIA Agent Sean Penn gives his Oscar to Zelensky

I just wrote that Musk/CIA bought Twitter to bring it to bankruptcy some post ago…and now:

Elon Musk has told Twitter employees that bankruptcy is ‘not out of the question’

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Ukrainian saboteurs blew up a power line pole in the Bryansk region
Initially, three villages were left without electricity, but now the supply of electricity has been organized through a backup line, the governor of the Bogomaz region said.
The suspects in the attack have already been detained – these are two men aged 28 and 58

After all, Germany supports the Ukrainian Nazis, so everything is absolutely logical. They say that artificial intelligence was wrong, but it just worked as part of the new agenda.

🇺🇦 The Nazism of the brain of some UAF members can be determined by their profiles on social networks. In registered logins, the number 88 is among the most used combinations.

There are no two bombs without a following third…
🇺🇦🇯🇵 Russian troops eliminated a Japanese mercenary with the callsign “Dobure”. According to some reports, he was part of a large group of foreign mercenaries operating near Artemovsk, which in early November suffered heavy losses in personnel.

❗️An attempt was made on the life of the Deputy Minister for Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Zaporozhye region this morning, the CAA reported.
The terrorists planted an improvised explosive device in a storm drain near the roof of the entrance of the house. A car followed the man.

The shelling of the Kirovsky district of Donetsk. The blow was delivered from artillery with a caliber of 155 mm to residential buildings.
Investigators of the RF IC are working on the spot

The US Air Force yesterday tried to “look” into the region of the left bank of the Dnieper in order to better understand the intention of the Russian command. UAV RQ-4B is still over the Black Sea


[Awaiting Updates]


______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

❗️🇷🇺 415 residents of the DPR have already received more than 130 million rubles in compensation for housing and property lost during the fighting.
This was reported in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the region.



🇺🇲 I have bad news for Mr. Biden: if he thinks that the Republicans will turn a blind eye to the scandal with his son Hunter, as the Democrats did, then he is mistaken. We’ve been investigating for months now. The Republicans who came to power are already starting to tighten the screws.

🇧🇪🇺🇲 “The Biden administration is leading us into a destructive conflict with Russia”: Belgian Senator Alain Detex said that no one in the world except the United States and its vassals wants Russia to be isolated, and Europe should not suffer for the interests of Washington

Russia’s losses in the war against Ukraine are 10 times higher than the losses of the Ukrainian army, – Zelensky in an interview with CNN
That is why the 9th wave of mobilization began in Ukraine.


NOW – Pentagon spox says “Twitter is a massive platform with huge reach” and that she “feels fine operating on the platform” as of right now.

Anyone who registers a domain in the EU in the future will have their name and telephone number checked. Critics fear that the new identification requirement could increase hurdles to whistleblowing and political activism. #NIS2

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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