War On Westworld : Nazi War Crimes On Russians Get Allowed and Celebrated By The Western Press

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Nowadays Western Societies and their Institutions are led by scum people that did not study at school, therefore in its turn this scum leads a mass of millions that did not study at school.
The ones who are aware of this get persecuted, jailed, and even killed.
When truth is under your eyes but you are not that able to see it then that’s who you are, the ones not questioning the nature of their reality.


Questioning the nature of your society would be like question much, and a part, of your reality



“Changed” after the arrival of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the city of Kupyansk (Kharkiv region)
The video was filmed from the same point with a difference of three months. Released…

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published footage of the operation of a unique bath and laundry train in the zone of the special operation. The complex not only serves the military, but also helps local residents with the provision of electricity.

Ukrainian soldiers killed during the assault on Pavlovka🔞
The assault was carried out by the marines of the Pacific Fleet and units of the OBTF “Kaskad”. Photographed after the assault on Pavlovka.
[155th Guards. ObrMP and OBTF “Cascade”]

The defeat of a Ukrainian tank in the residential area of Vuhledar — the strike kamikaze UAV “Lancet” is working.

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Ugledarskiy area situation as of 14.00 November 13, 2022

Starobelsk direction situation as of 13.00 November 13, 2022

🇷🇺🇺🇦 Destruction of the reinforced company of the 28th ombr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on April 18 in Aleksandrovka.
When trying to occupy the village, 155 Ukrainian soldiers were destroyed (all were counted by their heads), but some decided to swim away from our Bars. 👊🏻

Soledar direction the situation as of 15.00 November 13 of the year

After the capture of Vodyany, the conduct of the Avdiivka operation will be significantly facilitated.

🇮🇱🇺🇦The destroyed armored car seems to be the recently spotted Israeli GAIA Amir https://t.me/milinfolive/93196?single.

Restraining the pace of the offensive of the Russian orchestra. “Wagner” is carried out due to high losses in the 93rd and 30th brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as other armed formations.

Footage of the blowing up of the bridge near the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station.

abughraibabuse standing on box

______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Use VKontakte to trace Nazi profiles of living Nazi dissidents into Motherland then enchain them and punish them for the remaining of their miserable and dirty life.

❗️Consequences of the shelling from the side of the AFU Kievsky district of Donetsk

In Konstantinovka, Donetsk region, the Ukrainian military staged an accident, a local resident died.

Nazi War Crimes celebrated and allowed by the Western scums

❗️🇷🇺🇺🇦 How Russian prisoners of war were tortured by the Armed Forces of Ukraine 🔞
In Lugansk, traces of torture of LNR servicemen were recorded. Their bodies were handed over by the Ukrainian side.
Forensic experts came to the conclusion that the upper parts of the ears of the dead prisoners of war were cut off during their lifetime, their legs were shot


[Awaiting Updates]

______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

Do not dare to show this to Ukrainian children, otherwise they will suddenly grow up smart and start laughing at the nonsense of dill propaganda.



🇩🇪🤝🏻🇷🇺 Russian is not an enemy! Russian is a friend!
The Germans are increasingly demanding a change in their relationship with Russia. The voice of the common people is getting louder and louder. People are looking for ways to be heard in conditions of total censorship in the country.
German biker and social activist Ove Schattauer

There are few such examples of whole families fighting in the NMD, and even more so volunteers, but they do exist. Timur and his father Igor left as volunteers even before mobilization. Timur served in the Airborne Forces, Igor fought in Afghanistan. Both were injured and after the hospital returned home for a short time – to gain strength. After restoration, they are ready to return to duty. They don’t call it heroism – just conscientious service to their country.

🇷🇺 Dedicated to the Wagners 😊
Who are the Wagners?
Even the kids know.
Let’s be honest, let’s be honest
These are the uncles from the Orchestra.
And they dance and sing
They boldly go into battle.
The tool is always with them.
The enemy has already subsided. 🤙🏻


Now it’s the Kingdom turn…with a careful coverage by who is owned in the west…

🇸🇦 In Saudi Arabia, demonstrators marched through the streets with the slogan “Death to the Al Sauds!”
Now that’s speed! Although, something tells me that the Americans have been storing canned food for the “color revolution” in Saudia for a very long time. Just in case.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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