War On Westworld Special : The True Story Behind The Arrest of Eva “Goddess” Kaili, Vice President of the European Parliament

Last updated on November 21st, 2023 at 05:06 pm

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The four cent biography of this Goddess Kali who holds, or held, the fate of tens and tens of millions of hapless cretins and shameful European citizens in her hands.

Authored By Sotiri Dimpinoudis Via Twitter

Didn’t Eva tempt Adam ?

Look what signed Antonio Panzeri :


Panzeri, the brain of the corruption scheme for obtaining positive assessments of the situation with the protection of human rights in Qatar in exchange for hundreds of thousands of euros is the former MEP from Italy.

In 2017 the same Panzeri gave high marks to Ukraine

You are so shameful, all of you “voters” are,  you just vote to have a corrupted, an incompetent, a nobody as Vice President of European Parliament.

Look at her

Look…you idiot European


You are so shameful, you are an ignominy of the humankind just as she is one.

Eva Kaili:

Before her political career, Kaili was a known newscaster at Mega Channel from 2004 until 2007. She was a consultant on Communication Strategy and Public and Foreign Affairs of Greek Pharmaceutical companies and one of the biggest Media Groups 2012-2014.


She had proper connections with Pharmaceutical Companies. And we know that European Parliament structures in Brussels are surrounded by the ones of worldwide Pharmaceutical Companies.

s www.europarl.europa.eu 2022.12.10
Don’t get the wrong thing. I’m not saying that she is involved in any corruption regarding the big business related to Covid-19 Vaccines, no.
If you thought this then we could get arrested, think well, we could be arrested just because we wrote that.
Is it normal that she has been corrupted just from Qatar but not by Big Pharmaceutical Houses? I don’t know, we could be arrested only because we posed as asked a similar question.

But look again at her


Look again you bastard and shameful European

eva kaili


eva kaili 1500893620 lb

and now tell me that you don’t love her?

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