War On Westworld : Nazis Rewarded In Washington D.C. For Bringing Honour To The Congress Of The United States

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“Ever sift sand through a screen?” she asked.
The tangential slash of her question shocked his mind into a higher awareness: Sand through a screen, he nodded.
“We Bene Gesserit sift people to find the humans.”
He lifted his right hand, willing the memory of the pain. “And that’s all there is to it – pain?”
“I observed you in pain, lad. Pain’s merely the axis of the test. Your mother’s told you about our ways of observing. I see the signs of her teaching in you. Our test is crisis and observation.”
He heard the confirmation in her voice, said: “It’s truth!”

Her voice is exactly that of a Bene Gesserit…Be aware of it….

fighting for Democracy…with Swastikas and SS Totemkompf insignia over their suits
…leading people……fighting for democracy….commitment for democracy….fighting for democracy for all of us…for bringing honor to the Congress of the United States…

Analysis:“Redundant…the subject seems inhale inducing to consider that the subject inhaled cocaine”



“Kleshcheevka is the southwestern gate to Artemovsk” – footage from positions in the recently taken Andreevka

❗️🇷🇺 Shoigu checked the deployment of personnel in the special military operation zone and heard reports from unit commanders
The Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation paid special attention to the organization in the field of comprehensive support for the troops involved in the special operation.

The Lancet hunt for Ukrainian radars continues. 2 more have left the chat.
In the first part of the video, the Lancet’s target was the P-18 Malachite radar (a modification of the Soviet P-18 Terek on the KrAZ chassis).

Russian soldiers grind Ukrainian terrorists in the Artyomovsk meat grinder. 🔞

Our crocodile eba…it🫵🤙

Chronicle of strikes and mutual shelling in the NVO zone during the night of December 21-22, 2022
▪️Russian artillery worked on targets in the Zarutsky area in the Sumy region.
▪️In the Kharkiv region, the RF Armed Forces attacked enemy targets in Krasnaya Zara, Kazachya Lopan

⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Fighters of the ” 🅾️ Brave” group stormed the Ukrainian positions and captured three prisoners
Several ukroboeviks tried to resist and were eliminated. Two prisoners were injured, one of them was severe, his legs and arm were wounded.

The 3rd brigade of the DPR helps New York to become back to Novgorod
The crew of the 152-mm D-20 gun destroyed a group of Ukrainian infantry near New York, the former village of Novgorodskoye, renamed by the insane Kyiv authorities in tribute to the American masters. ©


______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Use VKontakte to trace Nazi profiles of living Nazi dissidents into Motherland then enchain them and punish them for the remaining of their miserable and dirty life.

❗️Consequences of the shelling of school No. 107 in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk by the VFU

Rudenko: ⚡️ Donetsk Kuibyshev region under heavy shelling. Flies to the area of the Topaz plant.
The shelling of this part of the city continues, be extremely careful.

💬 #Захарова : Britain refused to cooperate with Russia in the investigation of the Skripal case.
❗️ The British stubbornly ignore the numerous appeals of the Russian side demanding to provide information about what happened and organize consular access to the Russians.

Kremennaya – APU tried to gain a foothold in the forest belt
The Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to gain a foothold in the landings in the Kremensky direction.
▫️Cossack intelligence detected the movement of the enemy.
▫️The Cossacks, with the help of an UAV, dropped a fragmentation grenade on the enemy, as a result: 2 APU soldiers were wounded

Nazi clown was at Washington DC, criminals rewarding each other…

❗️Consequences of the evening shelling of the center of Donetsk by the VFU. Artem street.

❗️Donetsk. Artem 151a. Consequences of yesterday’s shelling by VFU


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______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

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🇸🇰The police began dispersing protests in Slovakia.
The slogans are already traditional: “Let’s ensure our security, not Ukraine.”

“May I ask? Do you believe in Santa Claus?
– Of course! But how? All normal, decent people should believe in Santa Claus
“Great!”: At the Wishing Tree, Putin confirmed that Santa Claus exists

CNN: The White House is urgently investigating how Amer. the components ended up in “Iranian drones used against Ukraine.”
This has been known for a long time! Russia has taken thousands of washing machines and vacuum cleaners out of Ukraine, picked up chips and puts them in drones. What else is there to investigate? 😜

🇷🇺 “Today we must honor the memory of our comrades who gave their lives for the Motherland”: Putin began the extended board of the Ministry of Defense with a minute of silence in memory of those killed during a special military operation

The Western goal is to block friendly relations between Moscow and Belgrade, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said

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🇺🇲🇺🇦Biden has confused Ukraine with Iran again: Make sure the Ukrainian government can continue to provide basic services to the Iranian people.🤦🏼‍♀️

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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