War On Westworld : CIA Is Using The Intel Service of A European NATO Ally For A Covert Sabotage Campaign In Russia

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Hawat glanced up. “I’ve some economic matters to go into after my general report, Sire, but I can say now that the Fremen appear more and more to be the allies we need. They’re waiting now to see if they can trust us, but they appear to be dealing openly. They’ve sent us a gift, stillsuits of their own manufacture . . . maps of certain desert areas surrounding strongpoints the Harkonnens left behind..”
He glanced down at the table. “Their intelligence reports have proved completely reliable and have helped us considerably in our dealings with the Judge of the Change. They’ve also sent some incidental things, jewelry for the Lady Jessica, spice liquor, candy, medicinals. My men are processing the lot right now. There appears to be no trickery.”



🇺🇦 Armed Forces of Ukraine retreat to Bandera…🔞

The latest Russian T-14 tanks on the “Armata” platform in the process of combat coordination of a tank battalion at one of the training grounds.
Previously, these tanks did not take part in hostilities.

New Year’s Maryinka.
Congratulations on the upcoming New Year 🎄 of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from our guys.

MoD_Russia , yesterday updates


______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Use VKontakte to trace Nazi profiles of living Nazi dissidents into Motherland then enchain them and punish them for the remaining of their miserable and dirty life.

🇺🇦 In Poltava, unknown people left their autographs on the monuments to two Soviet generals – Nikolai Vatutin and Alexei Zygin.
“ZLO” was written on them with red paint, which is logical – WELCOME does not deal with such crap ….

🇺🇦 Reportedly, this video is from Artemovsk.
“Third walker” – the lad says off-screen, while his other brothers-in-arms are loading the bodies of those who have already won back theirs into the bus.

🇺🇲🇷🇺 “The CIA is using the intelligence service of a European NATO ally for a covert sabotage campaign in Russia”:
Former commando, American journalist Jack Murphy published an investigation into how Russia was flooded with spies who fix accidents.

❗️According to updated data, as a result of the shelling of the State Unitary Enterprise Stirol by Ukrainian militants, an enemy shell exploded near the saltpeter warehouse, damaging the building, breaking the glazing and fencing of the carbamide shop. Thankfully no casualties.

🇺🇦Reality of Kherson
Russia offered free healthcare.
Ukraine offers to snitch on a neighbor.
© Propaganda Notebook

⚡️🇷🇺🇺🇦 Former soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fights for Russia
While some still question the fact that one nation is now fighting on both sides, the @wargonzoo
project is increasingly seeing with its own eyes confirmation that this war is fraternal in every sense.
The fate of the hero of our interview is amazing and tragic in its own way. It seems to us that his story reflects the whole situation of the war as a whole. What exactly is the “Ukrainian catastrophe” on the example of one life, see the exclusive interview with a former soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

🇷🇺 There are reports of an explosion from the Engels airfield.
Local residents report that an air raid alert sounded over the military airfield. Perhaps there was another attempt to attack the airfield using UAVs.


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______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

Rescuers helped five hunters and three of their dogs get out of the snow captivity in the taiga in Primorye. The rescued did not need medical assistance, nothing threatens their lives and health

“I want to wait for peace!”🙏🏻
Vasily Cheredenko, a hundred-year-old (!!!) participant in the Battle of Stalingrad, lives in the Stanichno-Lugansk region of the LPR, which was liberated this year. Surviving the most terrible war in the history of mankind, he hopes to catch the time when on his land again


Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, as part of the All-Russian charity event “Wish Tree”, presented Darya from Izhevsk with a pilot’s protective helmet and invited him to the Victory Parade, the Russian Defense Ministry said

🇷🇺 Putin – about the course of the special operation: I believe that we are acting in the right direction, we are protecting our national interests, the interests of our citizens, our people. And we simply have no other choice but to protect our citizens. But we are ready to negotiate with everyone

New Year’s Moscow❄️🎄🐻‍❄️ Installations “Polar Bears” on Prospekt Mira

🇷🇺 Sergei Kiriyenko, Ramzan Kadyrov and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev visited the Russian University of Special Forces in Gudermes, where they met with RBSI “Soyuz” volunteers.
One hundred fighters of the volunteer detachment of the Russian Union of Martial Arts “Soyuz” will go to Donbass

⚛️ #OTD in 1946 the legendary F-1 research reactor was launched at the #Kurchatov Institute in Moscow – first nuclear reactor in the Soviet Union & Europe.
It functioned for 66 years, retaining the title of the world’s oldest operating reactor until it was shut down in 2012.

🇺🇦 Ukrainian Rogues: Western sanctions will bring Russia back to the 19th century!

🎄 Lo & Behold! …
Drivers are prepping for the winter holidays. That includes… forming a shape of a festive tree with… 700+ cars.
🤔 How do you get ready for the season?

Video fact: The Kremlin agent is trying to discredit the fighter against the regime and prevent the Russians from telling that their missiles have run out and are outdated. ©😁


🇺🇲 Trump, in a Merry Christmas greeting, praised himself and scolded the mentally retarded Biden: Merry Christmas to everyone, including radical leftist Marxists who are trying to destroy our country, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which illegally coerces and pays social

💬 The United States, according to The Hill, which is close to the Washington establishment, is becoming an increasingly anti-Semitic country.
Obviously, the problem lies in the experiments of liberal democracy on man and in Western dictatorship

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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