War On Westworld : “Ukraine Has Become One Of The Poorest European Economies, A Pillow Colony of The West”, Maria Zakharova

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Jessica saw the near perfection of the girl’s act, realized: That empty-headed little female is not an empty-headed little female. She saw then the pattern of the threat and understood that Halleck, too, had detected it. They had planned to lure Paul with sex. Jessica relaxed. Her son had probably been the first to see it–his training hadn’t overlooked that obvious gambit.
Kynes spoke to the banker: “Isn’t another apology in order?”
The banker turned a sickly grin toward Jessica, said: “My Lady, I fear I’ve overindulged in your wines. You serve potent drink at table, and I’m not accustomed to it.”

Vladimir Putin awarded the Chief Medical Officer of the regiment Anna Sidorenko with the Order of Courage. The girl saved the wounded on the battlefield. Yes, this is the same girl whom the enemy information resources called “extras”, like other military personnel who were at a meeting with President and with whom the president wrote down the New Year’s address.
By the way, the New Year’s address in this format, in my opinion, makes it clear that our country is in a state of war. This means that industry and the economy will more actively continue the transition to military rails, and the main goal is an absolute victory.
Every soldier and every citizen must clearly understand that the Russian army is fighting on the territory of the former Ukraine, so that the war does not go deep into Russia.

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Russian kamikaze UAV destroys the counter-battery radar of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Avdiivka direction

🇷🇺🇺🇦 It is reported that our troops drove the enemy out of positions near the Dekonskaya railway station in Soledar.
Yesterday it was also reported about the advance of our troops in the direction of the main salt mines in Soledar.

The Russian Defense Ministry published footage of the destruction of strongholds and armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the zone of a special military operation with new-generation precision-guided munitions

❗️🇧🇾🇷🇺 Ukrainian channels report that an AWACS aircraft A-50U of the Russian Aerospace Forces flew to Belarus, which last flew there on February 24, 2022.
These planes are reported to locate targets and provide strike points for fighter pilots.

🇺🇦The work of Ukrainian air defense on kamikaze drones “Geran-2” over Kyiv on the night of January 1st to 2nd. At the end of the video, an explosion is seen as a result of the arrival of one of the drones at CHPP-5.

The Russian Defense Ministry has published footage of the training of mortarmen of the Central Military District in the rear areas of the special operation. Crews work out the skills to quickly and effectively hit targets, including mortar fire

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______NAZISM WAR and CRIMES_____ :

Use VKontakte to trace Nazi profiles of living Nazi dissidents into Motherland then enchain them and punish them for the remaining of their miserable and dirty life.

🇺🇦 Kharkiv resident sentenced to 10 years in prison for possession of leaflets of Ukrainian political parties
A 61-year-old resident of Kharkov was found guilty of collaborating with Russia and carrying out illegal information activities by a group of persons by prior agreement.
He was sentenced to 10 years in prison with deprivation of the right to hold positions related to the performance of administrative, economic and organizational functions for 10 years after his release.

🇺🇦 OUN manuals on how to correctly show the Nazi salute, for everyone who believes that Bandera fought Hitler

❗️ Ukrainian fighters attacked Vasilevka in Zaporozhye with American missiles. At least 2 people died. “According to preliminary data, the fire was fired from HIMARS.

❗️Armed formations of the adjacent territories of Ukraine today once again launched artillery strikes on a residential area of the city of Vasylivka, Zaporozhye region.

🇺🇦“The diplomatic departments will keep military records among Ukrainians abroad and facilitate their return to Ukraine during mobilization.”
“Until the last Ukrainian.” ©

🇺🇦 It is reported that a serious fire broke out at the site of one of the arrivals in Zaporozhye.

🇷🇺 Eyewitnesses from Rostov report hearing 3-4 explosions. Apparently the air defense had the same number of targets.

🇺🇦”They do not defend the Motherland”: they write that in Dnipro they began to hang out leaflets with the personal data of people who did not appear at the military registration and enlistment office (TCK) after receiving the summons.
The leaflets contain names, surnames, years of birth and addresses of residence of people.

The number of Russian soldiers killed in Makiivka has risen to 89, the Russian Defense Ministry said
Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: among the dead as a result of the Ukrainian strike on Makiivka is the deputy commander of the regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Bachurin

🇺🇦The Raguli are proud that the sky of the square protects the air defense of the “soviet” origin, which they cannot stand, destroying the Soviet heritage of Ukraine. At the same time, they still live off the infrastructure built in the USSR
Cognitive dissonance is the second name of the panheads


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______HELP TO CIVILIANS______:

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#Zakharova: US stated that Europe needs to give up 🇷🇺energy; if it does not and we do not agree to all conditions, they will destroy such projects. 🇺🇸 is not interested in stability even within “Western” world, so how can it exist in a space where they do not belong historically?

MFA spox #Zakharova: Ukraine, with its fertile lands & rich natural resources, through efforts of current #Kievregime pursuing a nationalistic Russophobic policy, has become one of the poorest European economies and is on its way to becoming a new colony of the #collectiveWest.


Trust in the German Chancellor and the ruling government reaches a new low. Only around 30 percent of the population still trust the two institutions – Forsa poll

🇺🇲 The military-industrial complex looked like bandits with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, but that wasn’t enough. The focus has shifted from the war against Islamist terrorism to new cold and hot wars. Our military-industrial complex has achieved incredible success this year thanks to the constant foreign policy goals of the hawks of Washington, especially in Ukraine.
As a result, Northrop Grumman is up 41% this year, Lockheed Martin is up 37%, Raytheon is up 16%, while the S&P 500 is down 20% and the NASDAQ is down 35%.
the military-industrial complex, whether it’s here in this country, or in Japan, or in Germany, or anywhere else, why they have a vested interest in staying in a constant state of war.
They all make money, and with more profit comes more power and influence over politicians and leaders. Meanwhile, the needs of ordinary citizens here in the United States, and in every other country in the world, are ignored, their resources are being sucked away.
Former Democratic Congressman Tulsi Gabbard

No surprise here! Latest “Twitter Files’ reveal Biden officials colluded with Twitter on widespread censorship of medical experts and prominent scientists.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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