2022 : Another Year Lived Dangerously Through Our Eyes & Our Top Posts !

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There was a brief debate whether in what language we had to write this. But the obvious won.

We closed with Italy and Italians, a Fascist Mafia State populated by mafia fascists, that’s in summary this place. Who tells opposite is an idiot or works for the Republic, for anyone else we don’t have time to convince you.


January, a month before Special Operation started. I don’t feel much knowing that this month and the following were our last months for great creativity and expansion. We’re honouring that time by highlighting our top posts of then, which will be much more than those of remaining months, War On Westworld Series permitting.

Once you bitterly understand how whatever Western Government works then you understand also how economy works then you reborn in a new world, surrounded by lies which open around you as vertical and breakneck pillars. It’s just the case we wrote here.

We had also another return, among the returns: Geordie Rose.No one talks about his prophecies, except our C.B., and this is good. I would just remind who Geordie Rose is by forcing you to search his name in our internal search motor, the knowledge is not something that uses to knock at your mind’s door rather it knocks you out if you do not own it..enough.

Scienza, In Arrivo Un Mega Tsunami Sulla Terra : Entità Super Intelligenti Stanno Per Essere Evocate e L’Umanità Sarà Spazzata Via


Another good story was that about the skull surgeries applied in the Incas civilization.
And another good story has been the destruction of a good story being it forged to be from the very beginning a real bad story, no discretionary talking: fake stories like Misha and the Wolves raped as insulted two generations of individuals, there is nothing worse than being two times victim.
Many readers noticed that we did not write anymore about the Pandemic and the lies that like tentacles wrapped our reality and our old world. There is nothing left to write, truth is without veil in front of you and in the bank accounts of this woman.

UE : Ursula Von der Leyen Coinvolta In Loschi Affari Con Contractor della Difesa e In Loschi Affari Con Pfizer-BioNTech

We knew that Special Operation was about to start but in the meanwhile we decided to start a new series regarding: Mexico and the Drug Cartels. Really brutal and outstanding.

Messico : Breve Storia Passata e “Moderna” dei Narcotrafficanti e delle Procaci Narcotrafficanti dei Cartelli

The Series was then discontinued after some week, as you know, but it is still reaching thousand of readers and we do not hide that soon we could work on it again.

Surely our final unedited Post Series will be The Final Secret of The Universe, but we don’t plan its release before the Special Operation will be concluded. In the meanwhile you can taste something related to it by reading this.

Dal Blueprint di Dio Alla Morfologia della Leggenda, Ovvero Dal Set di Mandelbrot Alla Valle della Morte in Yakutia

At last not least, in January we told the story about the true origins of Anti-Defamation League…something really heinous and degenerate there.

Lobby Transnazionale Come Mafia : Fate La Conoscenza delle Vere e Certe Origini dell’Anti-Defamation League Americana



What a month. Let’s begin with our Top Post about a modern and top Narco Boss: El Chino Anthrax.

Messico e Romanticismo : Vita e Morte del Sicario di Sinaloa Più Chic e Con Il Brand di Successo del Teschio Diamantato, El Chino AntraX

It has been a very controversial post. We did not glorify him more than all the banks of Switzerland do.

Svizzera, Trapelano I Dati di 30000 Clienti del Colosso Credit Suisse : Narcotrafficanti, Feroci Dittatori, Assassini, Magnaccia

The Baron aims to achieve the goal of having them among his collections, wonderful.

Oh well..well..well.well…We predicted it months before. We did not only predict his death but also how his death would happen.
About this genre…suddenly we took a decision: Save The Monarchy. And we successfully have accomplished that, we strongly believe in this.

United Kingdom : We Saved The Duke of York, We Saved The Monarchy, We Saved The Future For You

At last the Special Operation then started, I think this was our first post of that day, which evolved to actual War On Westworld Series whom , always actually, represents almost the half of the contents of this website.
For following and remaining months I will highlight just the Top Posts of this series and its specials.



Once the Special Operation started, the western Press launched, and is still launching, an incredible amount of fake news, most of which are very disgusting fake stories, often switching the Russian victims with Ukrainian ones in order to confuse the audience about victims and perpetrators, and this Western scum does this purposely with no regard of justice, truth, ethics, moral, decency. That’s who they are and who you Western European and American are : a fascist pig, if you vote and/or watch western television then you are, there are no exceptions, and Italians are first on this Kill List, they are still in Iraq to suck, and suck your money, imbecile voter.

Western Racism of Respectable People Who Have Forgotten Thousands of Children Who Died In Iraq Due To Sanctions and American Invasion

The Mexican Drug Cartels Series then was again useful, in order to get a powerful cognitive dissonance the stupid westerners should read and watch this, will they?

Why Your Mind Pro-Ukraine Is Remotely Controlled by the Western Media : Meet Mexico Genocide

And another place where the NATO pigs are and never left is Ex Jugoslavia Area, actually next to a new war eruption, as you may notice we highlighted this almost one year ago…

A very shameful but not surprising discovery is that Ashkenazi Jews are the founders of Azov Nazi Battalion, with Zelensky’s blessing after a sniff..sniff… and money channels to Panama. Think that bloody killers, psychopaths, freaks who grew up with dirt ice creams and Nazi memorabilia are now fully equipped, armed, ready to use own resources to open new seasons of terrorism here and there in the West world, and if you push your brain another bit then you may also think to the Jihadists loaded with these weapons, weapons sent “to help Ukraine” from those that you vote and voted, weapons that will be used against you a not far day from now. Imbecile voter.

After that imagine when we discovered the huge reach and distribution of Bio-Warfare Laboratories in Ukraine managed by Americans, and not someone ordinary but directly the Biden Family.
And it’s again nothing to be amazed if you fully know the History, and we are here to force you to know the History, aren’t we?


At last not least we had time for some black humour.



It’s the Battle for Mariupol month. It’s the Final Battle against the most of Azov Nazis too. These pigs, more foreigners than Ukrainians that came in from all the western countries where Fascism still is rooted and lives, were actively helped by Western Governments in all their needs: recruiting, training, equipments, drugs and Nazi propaganda. Welcoming also war criminals and puppet Nazi Leaders in the U.S. Congress.

Furthermore directed in their heinous bloody and coward actions by Western secret Agencies, like CIA and French DGSE, pigs.
Almost at the very end of the confrontation with these coward jerks, Russians also captured a NATO General, R.L.Cloutier, we don’t know his whereabouts from then but this information is strictly confidential and covered with heavy silence by the enemy in order to achieve some result, or this already happened, we don’t know but think coherently now that you don’t know about the whole thing and you will be just a step before the beginning. My mind goes to the poor millions who do not read English and do not question their reality, there I, we and you go.

Regarding the subject , at last not least, we achieved another great result: a dude named Formigli in the Italian television LA7 used our imaginary and fantasy maps of Azovstal as TRUE ones.
We posted those images some day before. In those days this commentary board had like 4K or 5K visitors per day, this before Google for no reason would kick us out, and is very likely that the dude visited our site and used our material as his one for his talk show. Well…he and La7 will deny this lifetime but we and thousand of others know the truth, so he learns.

However after the Sub-Series Battle For Mariupol we gave light to another of same kind : Chronicles From Freed Mariupol.

Oh and again Mexico. And obviously not for a vacation travel, sombreros and all that stuff. At Tijuana you westerner could ever not expect to find them but human….this is a crazy world…

Oh and again western fakes…here the True Story About The Pregnant Woman At The Mariupol Hospital, a fake that, like the fake news about the Pandemic, confirmed all over the liability and the credibility of the Western Press, pigs.

The True Story of The Pregnant Woman “Killed” At Mariupol Hospital : Published A Video Interview With The Heroine Of The Staged Shooting


Cependant…the Westerner liars and hypocrites were not happy with the result of their total debacle and therefore projected and executed a second big fake: The Bucha Massacre. This time the special effects FX went ahead the expectations but again…epic fake stuff.

Da Italiani alla fine incontriamo un Italiano come noi nella Warzone, un grande, il suo nome è Giorgio Bianchi. E così invece di spacciare droga proibita ci ritroviamo entrambi a spacciare verità proibite, again…nothing to be amazed.

Medusa8 Like El Chapo of the Italian Media: Giorgio Bianchi Asphalts The Whole Theater of Italian Information [IT]-[ENG]

As first and last I would highlight some of the kind of headlines and War on Westworld titles of this month because just this reveals our reach:

War On Westworld: Before To Be The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luigi Di Maio Used To Sell Drinks At Stadium

War On Westworld, Kosovo: Americans Threw In The Corpses of the Albanians, As If They Were Killed by The Serbs

War On Westworld : Scholz, Lindner, Lauterback, And Tusk Were All In Third Reich Ranks

We did not miss a day in these reports until today. Also we would thank all the Twitter accounts that are making possible the release of this series, and first among all: Vasilisa.

It’s the month where we asked for mandatory of weekly doping tests for politician representatives of Italian Senate and Parliament chamber. Also this information has been covered with maximum priority by the Establishment. After all…they did not even had mandatory of green pass to get in and out from those places of power being the power to decide everything using deception and coercitive force…Fascism is fascism and Italy , a country ruled by a fascist penal code, promulgated in 1930, has always been a fascist country ruled by fascists at all levels.

Cheap living is over in the western world…but again the governments minimize the huge impacts of hyper-inflation, billionaire loans to Ukraine that will remain debts forever, delivering of weapons that a day will be used against own people.



The story about the Jews that apply and manage themselves in the reality as Nazis was told in 2021 but we had a chance to get still something around and in the deep.

Può Un Aplogruppo Identificare Un Europeo Come Ebreo? “Non Sia Sciocco Lang, Decidiamo Noi Chi E’ Ebreo e Chi Non Lo E’!”, J.Goebbels

Another War On Westworld Sub-Series , still in progress: The Taste of the Nazi Trophies. I suppose that we reached the fifth episode, not sure and I don’t bother to check it.

A First Taste Of The Collected Azov Nazi Trophies, The Ones That EU and USA Defend, Support, Promote and Fuel As Inextinguishable Fire

It’s true. We expected some audience reaction to the Biowarfare laboratories in Ukraine story and discovery but we had pretty none, scandals were overrated things in the west….

Uh oh…was May when we told that Finland was going to be invaded and defeated because of a slut out of control, and she was not yet caught up doing the and dancing as a slut in some tavern. We could decide in some imminent future to lose this foreseeing power, but also Governments could decide like this, sooner or later.


Blackrock ethics conquered also Italy but Italians did not notice it. What a country. It’s like you meet a woman that you can take from behind and do your pleasures of beast without she will notice it until the very end of the act. Remarkable. And rare.

Italia Verso il 2030 : Draghi Attiva Il Piano Blackrock, O Partenariato Pubblico-Privato, Prima Vengono Banche e Multinazionali, Poi I Nessuno

The Silenced Crisis forces people to do weird things, people and entities are then united in this task like: extraction of chips from washing machines to be applied in new cars. For chronicle…the westerner scoundrel journalists will tell that only Russians do that, of course recognize a entity-person’s character from how he she eats or writes….

In all this madness we cannot forget one of our Supreme Masters: Julian Assange, we shall triumph.

Ad Un Passo dalla Fine Noi Trionferemo : Una Parola Sull’Estradizione di Julian Assange



Our loathing for Italy and Italian Marxists and Fascists is at the top and it won’t decrease its level.

Good news for the struggle against the cancer if you will get into the Keto Diet.

Speaking of cancer…a Japanese one is now food for worms: Shinzo Abe May You Rot In Hell

Rot in Hell Shinzo Abe: The Wannabe Nazi Emperor Who Dared A Reviving of Unit 731 As Well

It’s July and you know …heating waves from hell but this could be a dream than living in Neom….



s twitter.com 2022.12.23

Our cry goes to Darya Dugina, a martyr killed brutally by the usual coward, dirty and lurid Azov Unit.

Relaxing times…times to write a new Series: Cosa Nostra Republic, also known as Mafia Republic.

La Storia di Cosa Nostra Sotto La Nostra Luce : Omicidio Pecorelli – Architect’s Cut

Something we suspected from very long time. United States Federal Government interacts with Social Networks in order to manipulate their policies on freedom of speech and of the press. The Hunter Biden’s laptop story that involved FBI and Twitter defines what kind of Mafia is operating in a so said top nation of this world.
Shame was something overrated in the western hemisphere….

L’FBI Ha Pagato Twitter 3,5 Milioni di Dollari Per Sopprimere Le Notizie Inerenti Ai Files Contenuti Nel Laptop di Hunter Biden, Figlio di Joe



Any day from months we listen at White House announcements about billions of dollars sent to Ukraine but you could never heard of this theft perpetrated in plain sight, this is from where the Gringos had funds to ignite their oeuvre of nazification of Ukraine.

Gorbachev died, a traitor no doubt but he knew that Donbas lands and Crimea were properly Russians, no doubt too.


Mattia Sorbi…who knows if he and cowards like him learnt…who knows…

The Queen died, used to be insulted being called “Lizardbeth”, a fact is that no one will regret her, although many of our memories could be enchained with her figure.

September is a beautiful month to relive a psychopath character like Jeffrey Dahmer and question the nature of your reality.

Pizzagate : Il Caso Jeffrey Dahmer, Quando Il Diavolo Assume Il Nostro Controllo, Non Per Nostra Scelta, E Possiamo Ancora Fermarlo

Donbas Republics are officially part of Russian Federation, and this won’t change even for all the gold reserves of this world.



Why the Italian fascists are the most stupid persons in the Western World? Read this and you will be again at the beginning of the story, and at its end, probably.

BOT – Interferenze Politiche Straniere : Dopo Benito Mussolini Pilotato dall’MI5 Britannico, Chi Pilota Oggi La Giorgia Meloni ?

October is a month of Justice, a month of balance and we did it. A dangerous balance by revealing part of our secret mission that endured for years, and that got some bearings and confirmations thanks to this interview.

Ascesa dei Signori delle Ombre e dei Pipistrelli : Il Reverse Engineering di Rules for Radicals, O Il Rovescio della Medaglia…


People are ready to cling on anything to, their way, demonstrate that their mind is the one right on truths of this and the other world. Don’t you feel an alien sadness in this?

Cosa Sarebbero Gli Eventi di Fatima Nel Ventunesimo Secolo ? Quello Che Erano Anche Ieri, Cioè Banali Avvistamenti U.F.O.

We mentioned the Titanic in some other post but we never wrote the true story about the sinking of the Titanic, oh well someone else did much time before us, exactly at 1898.

Illuminismo Oscuro : La Vera Storia del Titanic, e Di Come Miliardi di Ignoranti e Schiavi Popolano Ancora Oggi Questo Pianeta

Who will remember our notorious Devil’s Underworld Series has been rewarded with some extra and missing materials from those days.

Pizzagate, The Devil’s Underworld Missing Chapter – “Call Sign : Asmodeus”

If the Fascists were the only problem in this world then I would go dance naked on the beach. Unfortunately Marxists enforce the Dark Illuminism of our epoch.

Perchè La Classe “Intellettuale” Marxista E’ Disonesta, Criminale, Ed Immonda Al Pari della Feccia Nazi-Fascista ?

It’s always time for a brief history of the Crusades as for the Klaus Schwab’s W.E.F. is always time to dehumanize and enslave the living beings of this planet.

Don’t you have any suspect that the increasing and overloading quantity of cocaine seized and that not seized could be the cause of the blatant and vulgar tyranny of Western Leaders?

Belgium, Antwerp : Il CocaineBerg, Non Riescono Più Neanche A Smaltire Bruciandole Le Enormi Quantità Di Droga Sequestrata



Galileo said: “..and yet it moves…” as we would believe in an incoming wind of justice among the European stupid and corrupted dictators, it’s the case of Eva Kaili and the rest of her gang squad covered by her immunity and her power and her influence and her neat beauty…but do not believe anything..it’s just a feud among these cockroaches, instead get to know that envy is a powerful weapon added in the mind of our enemies, they cannot run away from it as from other things, that’s the true equality, the rise and the fall of inter exchangeable puppets, pieces of a pity named System.

United States seem currently something bit vaguely alike to the Hell. I would suggest to my enemies to apply for VISA and travel to the States, and stay there more that they can.

War On Westworld : “Thousands Of Gender Clinics Are Being Built In The U.S.”, Retired Navy Seal C.Beck Tells His Dramatic Experience

Do exist people in this planet that feel to be superior to others only just because they are armed with fire weapons? Apparently yes, and one of these “superior” (read “coward”, n.d.R.) leaders was Ariel Sharon, a real pig.

One Of The Most Criminal Commander of All Time : Ariel Sharon Led the Alexandroni Brigade That Perpetrated The Tantura Massacre

Don’t you feel rage to think that more than 50K Ukrainian women died for the Nazism and for the Bank account owned by Zelensky family at Panama?


what a waste….Nazism doesn’t pay.

Universe is big…You are not alone.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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