Simulation: The Man On The Street And The Morphic Fields, All The Knowledge Of The World In A Crystal Ball

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Morphic fields are essential for A.I., a neural network is a morphic field.


Plichta and other academics believe that all knowledge of the world should be accessible to the man in the street, but we also wish that this knowledge must be understood by him, since it not only influences his life but also governs its program. Unfortunately, mathematicians and scientists in general have not been educated to explain the complexity of the creation simply. This characteristic makes them mere nonentities. If there is something brilliant in the explanation of existence, this must be explained simply. Likewise, hypothetically, if you interrupt a mathematical luminary during his passionate explanation of algorithms something like: “…if nature is governed by algorithms, and the laws of physics are decipherable through mathematics, then we are nothing more than a construct, a mathematical code, therefore a simulation.” What will be his reaction? In the best of hypotheses, the same as the nobles after Christopher Columbus “stabilized” the egg on the plane.


The Materialism and Hedonism imposed by force by the degenerate American Empire represent an extreme danger to this knowledge. But if this Truth finally opened up in front of the White House and the Whole World, perhaps we will finally put this danger behind us and proceed with open wings towards the unknown.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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