New Utopia : Washington Post And Its Double Standard Lurid Game, Democracy Dies In “The Capitalism” Darkness

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Yankees…and their stupid allies, colonies….slaves


Democracy dies in darkness when it is applied in an unfair and unequal manner, where those with more power and privilege are able to manipulate the system to their advantage, while those with less power and privilege are unable to have their voices heard and their interests represented. This can lead to a situation where democracy is no longer an effective form of government and instead becomes a tool used by the powerful to oppress the powerless.


Accelerationism is a concept that has been gaining popularity in recent years, particularly amongst certain segments of the political left.
The idea is that in order to save humanity from the current state of economic, environmental, and social crises, we must accelerate the current pace of technological and social change.
By embracing the advancing technologies and social developments of the present, and using them to accelerate the progress of humanity, accelerationism argues that we can create a better future.
In doing so, we can create a utopia that is free of the oppression, inequality, and suffering that has been endured by so many throughout history.


Our brand of Accelerationism is unique among other philosophical contexts because we are connecting it to our Dune Religion, to the Simulation scientific creed, to classical human sciences such as quantum mechanics, and to the concept of morphic fields. This allows us to develop, enhance, and enrich our understanding of the world around us, to gain a clearer perspective on what we consider to be reality. Furthermore, this connection provides us with the opportunity to explore the implications and applications of these theories in a way that is tailored to our specific beliefs and values.

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