Simulation : Last Time We Needed A Couple Of Atomic Bombs To Destroy A Dogma, What About Now?

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We cannot escape our destiny.

Many fools who call themselves men of science, an endless audience seated in the Academies, universities and high schools, dictating the “rules”, and even making fun of men of Faith, have little to laugh boldly.

They are the first gang, the prime numbers, and the absolute puppets of Creation. They are the first to believe and to praise the dogmas as the last frontiers of the known and of knowledge, the titanic walls of the impassable ice.


Antoine de Lavoisier, one from this throng of rabble, had stated that chemical elements were no more divisible beyond the atom. The indivisibility of the atom was and represented a damned dogma. It will be thought that 200 years later, Otto Hahn made a mess of that dogma, yes Otto Hahn made of that dogma pure mess, but to convince humanity of this discovery, three atomic bombs were necessary. But still, from that moment humanity, which does not question the nature of its own reality, has not fully understood that the creation and veneration of a dogma is a chain and an anchor that perpetuates our slavery as simulated beings.

If it took an atomic detonation to break down the dogma of the indivisibility of the atom, what would we need to convince you that even cockroaches, at this moment, are worth more than you on the “existential” scale of this Simulation?


In universities, humans do not really learn anything of the subjects they study, and even they are ashamed of what they study, they memorize everything that is not really memorable, and their work will only consist in taking the place of those who for contract must follow schemes and conventions, for the sole purpose of surviving and being commanded.

For example, a chemist is ashamed of the origins of his discipline. The roots of modern chemistry were first gathered in witchcraft, then in alchemy. Chemistry today is like a plump rabbit gathered and cleaned from its bramble mud. But is it really so? Are chemists today also charlatans without any ingenuity, intuition and creativity?

Personally, I would not call a chemist anyone who has not studied History, Mathematics and Physics first, and I would not call a mathematician anyone who does not understand its close relationship with chemistry and other disciplines.

Nowadays a physicist observes the bond of electrons in a completely different way than a chemist does. Madness and an open sky hallucination. A chemist joins with a diagram the electrons of different atoms that bind, while a physicist observes the movement of these electrons. Madness.

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Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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