Simulation : Exploring The Intersection Of The Trinity And Beyond

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A thing of mystery, a power that would end power as we know it, and will never be wrong. It can come as the bright light of a future or as the blinding light of a supernova explosion

Authored by Peter Plichta Via God’s Secret Formula


As constructs, strings of code, our mental states can easily be explained by combining Jungian Psychoanalysis and Quantum Physics, nothing will then appear to be so dark and unmanageable as it is now.

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We can see that some mathematical constants, such as Pi and the Euler number, were invented by sentient beings, while others, such as the speed of light, exist in nature.
This fact is further strengthened by examining Einstein’s formula, which uses the square of the Speed of Light multiplied by the mass in order to calculate the value of energy.

Despite this, few actually understand what the “square” of the Speed of Light truly means.

To gain a better understanding of this concept, it is necessary to note that space has three components – length, width, and height – just as time has three components – past, present, and future – and consider these components when examining Einstein’s theory.


While those who followed Einstein’s theory did not specifically consider the components of time, they did consider the idea of time as a fourth dimension. This fourth dimension, known as spacetime, is not just a combination of length, width, and height, but also encompasses the idea of time. This fourth dimension allows for the possibility of time travel and other phenomena that cannot be explained by the traditional three dimensions but only considering that time, as the space, owns three dimensions.
The fourth dimension allows for the possibility of time travel and other phenomena that cannot be explained by the traditional three dimensions. This is because time, like space, has three components: past, present, and future. Within the framework of the fourth dimension, these three components are represented as three separate dimensions.

Going deeper to search for and identify a breach in the titanic walls of the academies, someone has asked why numbers 43 and 61 are missing and why there are only two elements after element 83, 90 Thorium, 92 Uranium, with “lives” lasting billions of years and this someone has provided an answer.

The academics will answer that technetium and promethium are missing because they are unstable elements. But what does unstable mean?


Isotopes can make elements both stable and unstable. Stable isotopes are those that do not undergo any nuclear transformation, while unstable isotopes are those that, due to their nuclear structure, are subject to nuclear transformations with the emission of radiation.

An isotope is a variation of an element that has the same atomic number but a different mass number. Isotopes of the same element have the same number of protons, but different numbers of neutrons. This results in them having different atomic masses, and therefore different physical and chemical properties. For example, the two most common isotopes of hydrogen are hydrogen-1, which has no neutrons, and hydrogen-2, which has one neutron.

While no one will be able to answer the question as to why we know that there are no more than 10 types of isotopes per known element,


we can divide the elements into stable (1-83), excluding 43 and 61, the naturally radioactive elements (84-92), and the solely artificial elements (93-106).

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Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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