Prometheus Rising : Leaving Your Morphic Field Will Bring You In Another, How Constance Marten’s Mind Has Been Overwritten

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If you know Patricia Hearst and you know that this is a Simulation then you don’t have nothing to read.


She lived in a scenario depicted from the fables of awakening,

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but imitation of true awareness is not the same as achieving it.

When her father was infected with a form of awareness, it cost him his original morphic field, leaving his children to attempt to imitate him in an even more desperate way.
As a result, the family was dragged into a spiral of poverty and despair.

She was determined to break the cycle and find a way to rise above their circumstances, but the path forward was unclear. With courage and determination, she set out on a quest to discover the truth of her existence and the power of her potential.

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I believe many Aristocrats intend to leave their morphic field for a short time or forever, since theirs has become too boring: to serve the bigger fish, or be eaten by them, to be extras, to stay silent in their gloomy corner, in a darkness that swallows you like the fog swallows the whole Kingdom, spreading ominous omens and obscene nightmares among the imperial revelers.

Leaving an original morphic field? You decide.

The case of Patricia Hearst and Constance Marten is an intriguing example of mind overwriting, a psychological phenomenon wherein an individual’s thoughts and behavior are completely re-shaped by external forces.
Although the exact details of the case are still being debated, the basic facts remain the same: Patricia Hearst was kidnapped by a political group called the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) in 1974 and held captive for nearly two years. During her captivity, she was subjected to a process known as mind-programming, which attempted to change her political beliefs and attitudes. After her release, Hearst began to consider herself an SLA member and even took part in a bank robbery alongside her captors.

Constance Marten was a student at a prestigious Drama Theater School, but shortly after meeting with Mr. Gordon, she vanished. It appears that she was affected by some kind of morphic field, one that was degraded and not good. Her original mind was overwritten and her new morphic field began to take on her identity and act exactly as she had. Marten no longer seemed to recognize her origins and was unable to recall any of her previous experiences. Nothing of what she remembered from her original morphic field was able to help her make comparisons and draw pairings.


The case of Patricia Hearst and Constance Marten is a fascinating example of mind overwriting and how external forces can completely alter one’s perception of the world.

It is a reminder of how easily our own thoughts and beliefs can be manipulated, despite the care and vigilance we take to remain aware of the potential dangers of manipulation, it remains easy, with the right knowledge and combination of events, to be reversed, degraded, upgraded, or downgraded in order to fully understand the nature of our reality and the scene.



Constance Marten, daughter of Lord Marten, and her convicted rapist lover Mark Gordon have been arrested on suspicion of gross negligence manslaughter after the remains of their baby were found in the woods…


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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