War On Westworld Special : Elite Ukrainian Whores Received By The Ukrainian Ministry Of Defense

Last updated on June 20th, 2023 at 10:06 am

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The code for the degenerates is all in joy and fun


You pay the hefty bills, you despair because with no or little work, reading in the newspapers about the party of a failed one called secretary of the middle-upper class party, your children are beaten at school by fascist pieces of shit sanctioned by the bureaucracy and its Roman snack mates, you all find yourself at the bar in the morning in front of the palaces of Justice in Italy, not consciously mortifying your social class, you believe in television, in newspapers, together with politicians and journalists who have passionately adhered to the “pandemic” planetary fraud, and not only have they adhered to it, they have celebrated it, groaning with joy even the secretaries in the office

You pay the excessive bills, feeling a deep sense of despair because of the lack of work and the reports about a failed political party of the middle-upper class. Your children are being bullied at school by fascist individuals backed by the bureaucracy and its supporters in Rome. You all find yourselves at the bar in the morning near the courts in Italy, not understanding the implications of your social class. You rely on television, newspapers, and politicians and journalists who have embraced the “pandemic” global hoax. Not only that, they have glorified it, joyfully celebrating even the secretaries in the office.


and now, today, you send money and weapons to those who groan prostitutes in “office”…

Westerners in general are peoples of scum.

🇺🇦Zelensky’s representative met with elite prostitutes r̶a̶z̶v̶e̶d̶ch̶i̶ts̶a̶m̶i̶ and promised an end to the war in 2023.
After this meeting, the escort Ksyusha Manneken was awarded by military intelligence.
“What was it yesterday,” coven “?” – ask Ukrainian resources.

“In another way, sorry, we can’t name it. All non-bloggers with millions of subscriptions, who since 2014 have been living their chic lives and not a word about the war, turned out to be intelligence officers and worked undercover.

Fighting Kiev escort with the call sign “Ksyusha Mannequin” received an order “for promoting military intelligence” Sasha Bo, who posted “cool” pictures with Podolyak before and after stories about a rich life on Instagram … ”

In principle, nothing particularly important or extraordinary, except perhaps for a powerful stream of urine on the forelocks by the mobilized Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are dying in Bakhmut.

Once again, our Kagan Zelensky pissed on their heads, rewarding a prostitute Order for assistance to military intelligence.

The vast majority of the crippled and dead UAF will never receive any awards. But everyone there fifam will give everything.

Just because it’s fun and cool 🔞Don’t be too upset there, but you can pull the shutter on her, to those of our readers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are at the very forefront.

You don’t have such boobs, so the order doesn’t shine for you!

Hang in there and good mood!

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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