United Kingdom : Rishi Sunak’s Proposed NatSoc Bill Has The Potential To Hasten The Final Collapse Of The European Union

Last updated on June 20th, 2023 at 10:06 am

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Imagine he was a Briton coming from countless generations doing all of this…instead Shiva sent him among us, or…Kali? ^^

Authored by Rishi Sunak Via Twitter Statement

If you come to the UK illegally:

➡️ You can’t claim asylum

➡️ You can’t benefit from our modern slavery protections

➡️ You can’t make spurious human rights claims

➡️ You can’t stay

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Recently, UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak proposed a bill that would make it much more difficult for asylum seekers and refugees to gain protection in the UK. According to Sunak, the bill would prevent asylum seekers from making “spurious human rights claims” and would not allow them to “benefit from our modern slavery protections”.

This bill is deeply concerning, as it would drastically reduce the number of people who can claim asylum in the UK and deny them crucial protections.

The proposed bill is particularly concerning in light of the ongoing refugee crisis around the world. This crisis involves millions of people fleeing violence, persecution, and poverty in their home countries in search of safety and a better life elsewhere. By denying these people protection and making it difficult for them to access the resources they need to survive, the proposed bill would be an affront to human rights and dignity.

It is essential that the UK government recognizes the rights of asylum seekers and refugees and makes sure that they are able to access the resources and protections they need. It is also important that the UK government take action to address the underlying causes of the refugee crisis, such as poverty and violence, rather than simply seeking to restrict the number of people seeking asylum.

Rishi Sunak’s proposed bill has been compared to slavery due to its potential to do away with 2,400 laws which include key protections for citizens and workers.
This could lead to an increase in exploitation and unfair labor practices.
On the other hand, the bill also has the potential to provide more economic opportunities to those who are currently struggling.
It could provide greater access to finance and employment, as well as reducing taxes for businesses and individuals.

Ultimately, it is difficult to make a comparison between the bill and slavery, as its full impact is yet to be seen.
It is clear, however, that it is important to closely monitor the bill and its effects on workers’ rights.

But wait a moment…all of this is inflicting a hard hit on our accelerative tasks, hellsake…..

What is surprisingly it is also that this sort of National Discriminatory Edict comes from someone like Rishi Sunak, not because he is Indian but because Indians, like many other cultures, believe in the concept of the Kali Yuga Era – an age of darkness and chaos that is believed to be a time of suffering and injustice. This concept is surprisingly relevant to the current situation, as it can be used to symbolize the oppressive and discriminatory nature of the proposed bill. While it is important to understand the potential implications of the bill, it is also important to recognize the importance of cultural values and beliefs in these matters, and geopolitic implications.

Maybe it is easier for a non-white, non-British person of origin to produce this, but don’t you find it controversial and dangerous?

Migrants will have their trip, many will be pushed back, others won’t even try, Europe will become a large cauldron within a few years, and our accelerative tasks will be respected.

We thought, we suffered , we won.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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