Switzerland : Despite Credit Suisse Boasting Millionaire Deposits From Cartels And Other Scum Could Collapse But How?

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Answer Could Be Not Binary? Non Binary Acceleration Rules in this case as well.

Authored by Alisa Vasilisa Via Twitter


🇺🇲🇪🇺American problems with banks are gradually “entering” Europe. On the verge of collapse is Credit Suisse, the second largest Swiss financial conglomerate, the collapse of which could cause a chain reaction throughout the Old World.

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With her radiant blonde hair and pink nail polish, Pippa Bunce exudes cheerful energy and stands out like a ray of sunshine in the often clouded atmosphere of a Swiss bank.

From a young age, Pippa felt uncomfortable always dressing like a boy and was inspired to come out as non-binary after seeing friends struggle in a binary environment.

Pippa was motivated by Credit Suisse’s LGBT+ and employee alliance program launched in 2014 which encouraged diversity and strengthened their community at work.

As a result, Pippa feels comfortable expressing their gender fluidity and non-binary identity at the workplace.

As a result of forced hiring of people distracted by other interests, not sure the same ones of their customers, a giant bank , center of the old world, is collapsing.


The statement “or you are a man or you are a woman, you can’t be both at the same time” is a traditional view of gender that is being challenged by many people in modern times.
While most societies have historically recognized only two genders, male and female, there is now a growing recognition of non-binary gender identities.

This should include individuals who may identify as both male and female or neither? I could agree but also bipolar people is two in one, if we are more than one we should decide to leave behind something, like a family. Kids could not be prepared to accept a world where water and wine are the same thing, but especially kids cannot be forced to allow that water is wine and viceversa.

Gender identity is a complex issue and it’s important to respect individual choices and preferences related to gender identity and expression if this last condition does not fall into macabre degeneracy.


It could not be appropriate to compare gender identity to bipolar disorder but the case above tells clearly that Pippa turns to Joseph and viceversa, as mood states do.

With regard to children, it’s important to provide education and support that is appropriate for their age and development level, so they can understand and navigate issues related to gender and identity with respect and inclusivity, without forced them or address them to follow a path rather than another.

It’s important to understand that human identity is complex and multifaceted, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach that applies to everyone.


While some people may identify as both male and female or neither, others may identify with different gender identities or orientations. It’s important to respect individual choices and preferences related to gender identity and expression, and to support the rights of all people to live their lives with dignity and respect without to be instrumentalized by this or that.

Credit Suisse can go now vomit the Drug Cartels money from its dark bowels….

Pippa and her double helped us more than anyone thinks…



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