Wikileaks : These Are The Actual Conditions of Mendax, Julian Assange The Greatest Journalist of All Time

Last updated on February 26th, 2024 at 04:31 pm

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He, Julian Assange.

Authored by U.S. Deep State via Persecution On Julian Assange

From a Grandmaster in a region of this universe to another, placed in a very different one.


Don’t you feel ashamed as European and as American?

A photo of the American journalist Julian Assange, detained in Belmarsh prison, has appeared.

Apparently, the journalist is being subjected to inhuman torture.

That’s why we have to hide, that’s why there are millions of ignoramuses doing nothing all day except shooting shit from their internet accounts and miserable lives.

🇪🇺“The EU condemns the detention in Russia of journalist and US citizen Gershkovich. Journalists must be free to practice their profession and deserve protection. The Russian authorities once again demonstrate a systematic disregard for media freedom”: Borrell condemned🔻

Russia for detaining a journalist and immediately received a full panama of questions about Assange:

✔️ “Journalists should be allowed to practice their profession freely and deserve protection.” You are right. [Photo of Assange showing middle finger]

✔️ Release Assange now!

✔️ Then I assume that you are opposed to the detention of Assange by the UK and the US. Did you bother to state your objections to the Empire?

✔️ It is a great happiness to live here in the Western world, where there is all this fabulous freedom.

✔️ Didn’t he read that he was spying on the Russian military complex for the US government. He said it himself, no one made it up. By the way, what will happen to a Russian citizen if he is caught spying on the US or EU military complex?

✔️ It’s safe to assume that they actually care about journalists and are not a signal of virtue pandering to moral principles.

✔️ Double standards of Kindergarten.

Let us protect true journalists and bloggers who fight for the cause of caring for each other.

We should be wary of fascist penal codes that exist in some European countries.

It is important to be discerning about European institutions, and to not blindly trust them.

You should also reject the influence of negative forces, like Fascism, and log out of social networks if you are not educated about their workings, or in other words:

if you are not educated about how to recognize what is good and what is evil, you may unknowingly become an evil instrument.

It is important to be aware of this potential and strive to learn and grow so that you can make informed decisions and actions.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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