Western War Of The Genres : Women’s Hard-Earned Empowerment Under Threat From A New Enemy That Is Just Looking For…Love

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I have recently noticed a concerning “progressive” trend where trans individuals are overtaking positions traditionally occupied by men and women, especially women.


Authored by Amanda McMaster via ABC News

lia thomas riley gaines swimmer

Lia Thomas, a transgender woman who generated controversy by competing on the women’s swim team at University of Pennsylvania, said she plans to keep swimming, with an eye on the Olympics.

“I intend to keep swimming,” Thomas told ABC News’ Juju Chang in an interview that aired Tuesday on “Good Morning America.” “It’s been a goal of mine to swim at Olympic trials for a very long time, and I would love to see that through.”

Thomas, of Austin, Texas, won gold in the 500-yard freestyle at the NCAA championships in March, becoming the first female swimmer in Penn’s history to win an individual national title, according to the university.

After competing for three years on Penn’s men’s swimming team, Thomas also made history in that race as the first transgender athlete to win an NCAA division title in any sport.

“It was a goal of mine to be at that meet and do as well as I could,” said Thomas, who competed in three races at the championships. “So to be able to fulfill that personal goal and be at that meet as well as the sort of fulfillment of competing as my authentic self was just such an amazing experience, to have these things that I’ve been working towards for so long all come together.”

This is causing anxiety amongst women in those positions who are seeing their balance shift towards their “modern” colleagues.



Women now cry…they were first ones in the last decades but this podium was just a temporary illusion….

Riley Gaines, 23, a 12-time All-American and five-time SEC champ at the University of Kentucky, a former swimmer on the team has demanded that the university provide separate locker rooms for transgender athletes, after alleging that Thomas exposed male genitalia in the women’s locker room.
A rally was organized by multiple athletic women’s groups to call on President Joe Biden to put restrictions on transgender females in women’s sports .

It’s not an isolate case. I’m also referring to the congressional hearing involving American swimmer and Olympic gold medalist, Katie Ledecky, who spoke about again against transgender swimmer Lia Thomas. However, it’s worth noting that Ledecky did not specifically complain about Thomas. She was testifying in support of the Empowering Olympic and Amateur Athletes Act, which is aimed at preventing and responding to sexual abuse in Olympic sports. During her testimony, Ledecky was asked about her thoughts on transgender athletes competing in women’s sports, and she expressed her belief in inclusive and fair competition, while acknowledging the complex nature of the issue. The hearing did not solely focus on Thomas or any specific athlete.

The controversy surrounding transgender athletes in sports, and in other sectors, is a complex issue that has been debated extensively in recent years, with arguments from both sides, but what you can notice here is their war woman’s cry.


Women who empowered their emancipation to highest levels on society are now threatened in their positions not by men…but by something else….and they do not like it at all, again.
I would just say that everyone in the universe is just coded to look for love, even demons look for love, everyone would be loved, be safe, be in peace
Only..that their way to look for love could seem a bit….[….looking for a term….]….bizzarro………..



He/She would just continue his/her struggle because a garbage truck driver saluted him/her. Remarkable, that is to say.


Attacking a woman’s essence in the name of love would be hard to justify, but it seems to be a natural course resulting from the development of feminism in the United States.
Even Satanists have promoted the idea of a no control mode.However, who is paying for the huge damages caused to young generations? Many of the culprits are already dying, and the damage cannot be reversed. If children were not involved in this “battle for love”, it would not be out of tune with the Democratic Global Western’s Masterplan Vision about how a civilized and modern society should look. We know it, we know it very well

Extinction is pressing on the old worlds….


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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