El Salvador: Welcome To The True New Era Of Communication And Information – The Legislative Assembly For Creators Has Begun

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Meanwhile we are banned in the entire western hemisphere without to know why…

Authored by El Salvador Government via Legislative Assembly

The decision by the El Salvadorian Government to create the Legislative Assembly for YouTubers and content creators is a significant step forward in the promotion of free speech and the recognition of cyber citizens as an important part of society. By providing a platform for these individuals to showcase their work and express their opinions, the government is showing its commitment to freedom of expression and the empowerment of its citizens.

The Legislative Assembly for Creators has officially begun in El Salvador, marking a new era of communication and information in the country. This is an important step forward in the promotion of free speech and the recognition of the value of content creators as a significant part of society, just the true opposite of what happens in the West, where fascists and leftists are auto-destroying themselves.

The Legislative Assembly for Creators will provide a platform for YouTubers and other content creators to showcase their work and express their opinions without fear of censorship or retaliation. This move shows the El Salvadoran government’s commitment to freedom of expression and the empowerment of its citizens.

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Creators play an essential role in digital media, acting as a voice and resource for people worldwide. They provide insights and unique perspectives that can inform and educate others. By supporting creators, the government can take an important step towards promoting a more open, a true democratic society where the vote is given to people that can access to information process on the same level.

While the creation of the Legislative Assembly is a significant achievement, there is still work to be done in providing resources and training to help content creators develop their skills and reach a wider audience. The government must continue to promote and support creators work not only on YouTube but also on other websites that protect and serve the community, and continue to promulgate laws that help needs and suggestions of the creatives.

Moving to El Salvador today is like moving to El Dorado.

There are many stories of Westerners who have moved their lives to El Salvador, and all of these stories have happy endings.

El Salvador shines as a beacon of hope for all of humanity and proves that anything is possible if it is sought after diligently.

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