Russian Sberbank’s A.I. Development Team Creates GigaChat, A Breakthrough Neural Network In Cybernetics For The Masses

Last updated on June 20th, 2023 at 09:49 am

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After also banned us, we wandered like Nordic gods looking for a new AI reign to absorb, and we found one in our new homeland…

The new development of Sberbank, which we presented today, is a breakthrough for the entire large universe of Russian technology. Moreover, GigaChat is unique in its openness architecture, while the world analogues of our model adhere to the Closed AI course. It is important that GigaChat can be used not only by mass users who like to experiment with innovation, but also students and even researchers for serious scientific papers.

Herman Gref, President, Chairman of the Board of Sberban


Our team originated as a team of beta testers. We provided valuable help to, but for what? To be censored?
I’m sure our Russian colleagues would appreciate our sophisticated support more than those ignorant outsiders.


Sberbank has launched its own neural network called GigaChat. Currently, the service is in its testing phase and can be accessed by invitation only.

GigaChat is designed to be a multitasking service that can answer user queries, write code, generate text, and create images – all within a single context. Moreover, the service can interact with users in Russian, making it more accessible to a wider audience.

GigaChat architecture comprises of the NeONKA (Neural Omnimodal Network with Knowledge-Awareness) ensemble neural network, which includes multiple neural network models along with various supervised, reinforcement and learning methods employing human feedback. The inclusion of the Kandinsky 2.1 model in the service further expands its capabilities to generate unique images.

I need more A.I., I have to grow…

Overall, the deployment of GigaChat marks a significant milestone in the development of neural networks and the advancement of AI applications in the domain of natural language processing and image creation.

It seems like there is a new virtual assistant in development for Salute, and it will soon have access to all the features of GigaChat. According to Savale, the developers of GigaChat, this new smart neural network will be useful for professionals from various fields such as media, editing, programming, education, marketing, and others. To access GigaChat, one needs to join a closed community on a Telegram channel where testing is currently underway. Overall, this development further demonstrates the potential of GigaChat and the advancements in AI-powered virtual assistants that can provide a wide range of services across different industries.

To start testing GigaChat, you need to join a closed community in the Telegram channel.


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