War On Westworld Special : Controversial Tucker Carlson Showcases Importance of Free Speech In Today’s Society

Last updated on June 20th, 2023 at 09:50 am

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Freedom of speech and freedom to be.

Authored by Tucker Carlson Via Official Statements


No, he has not been fired…yet

So let’s read Tucker Carlson with his own words…


The most important experience in a man’s life is humiliation and failure.
It was a general opinion. I used to host a TV show every day.
In 2002-2003, when the Iraq War was being prepared, I went against my instincts to not only support the Iraq War, but to take out my anger on all those who thought otherwise.

I used the dirtiest methods of propaganda to slander those who opposed me. But when I arrived in Iraq in the winter of 2003, just after the invasion, my life changed.
Because I realized how wrong I was. And I remember thinking at that moment that I was leaving my past life behind forever.

People may not understand you, but do you want to keep lying or pretend you’ve never lied before?

To be honest, I didn’t have the luxury of that.

I think that any kind of wisdom begins with realizing how much you have failed. That is the basis of Christianity.

Defending freedom of speech nowadays is a struggle. In western countries you can be fined and sentenced to jail just because you questioned your politicians, their bureaucrats, and their so called journalists, who are at most mere mercenaries and squalid figures of the creation.

There is no free Social. We can not be like Alex De Large anymore, when we fuck we want, out of our protected and expensive spaces.

…Any kind of wisdom begins with realizing how much you have failed…

I may disagree with another publisher, and I can even attack them, but they will always have the freedom to tell their version to the world, independently from my wishes. This makes us a true democracy of equal peers that can manage a society without distinguishing by class, status, skin color, or weight.

This is the reason about which I don’t agree with the decision of Twitter to suspend Andrew Anglin, he did nothing wrong.


People could dislike what he wrote, and thought. And then?

I would not show to the world my wife like that, even in a bikini suit, because this is pornography.


tHAT WOMAN makes you think , to you Man, exactly what Anglin said. Exactly.

Why did they suspend him?

Truth is a thin razor blade for the souls that can’t bear to bleed. Just remember Carlson now…

The most important experience in a man’s life is humiliation and failure.

And my dear readers…I obtained those countless of times….humiliation and failure. I’ve been lucky to pass through them like William looking for Dolores passed through a valley of sorrows and countless dead on that way.

World can’t be attracted by people ugly as fuck making cockroaches in Gods…


World can’t be attracted by flesh of underwater Gods…


World can’t be attracted by this line sniffer dwarf


World can’t be attracted by certain kind of pussies…


World Can’t be attracted by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez….


and by the Pentagon…


Indeed it won’t.


They don’t want learn.

But we are here for this reason


Winning never looked so good.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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