Transcendence : Global Warming Doesn’t Exist, Human Beings Essentially Need To Eat Meat, Trans Are The New NATO Warriors

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That’s why the Memo-Trans-Apocalypse of that bitch wasn’t released.

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“I am a scientist, and I am the founder of Weather Channel. Science is not about votes, it is about facts. And the facts are clear: climate change is not happening, and there is no man-made global warming.”

We never believed in such fantasies as global warming. Although we do not write fake news, we can still comment on it. Some people believe that global warming is just a false flag exploited by governments to make the population believe they must pay and say thanks for the oxygen produced by plants, which government supposedly owns, along with our lives.



Dozens of experts were asked to look into the science behind claims that meat eating causes disease and is harmful for the planet in a special issue of a journal called Animal Frontiers.  They have warned against a widespread societal push towards plant-based diets, arguing that poorer communities with low meat intake often suffer from stunting, wasting and anemia driven by a lack of vital nutrients and protein.

Thousands of scientists across the globe have also joined The Dublin Declaration, a group stating that livestock farming is too important to society to “become the victim of zealotry.”  They say that many of the negative claims about meat in our diet are simply not true.

The Dublin Declaration group has published a statement allowing global signatories to join them in defending meat supported diets and contradicting common claims made by establishment institutions against livestock in agriculture. In particular, the scientists stress that meats provide vitamin B12 intake in human diets, play a major role in supplying retinol, omega-3 fatty acids and minerals such as iron and zinc, as well as important compounds for metabolism, such as taurine and creatine.  There is no vegan equivalent that fills these nutritional needs and a number of supplements are often required to keep them healthy.

Scientists note that only well resourced (wealthier) people have the means to abandon meat in their diets and consume vegetables and carbs alone.  In other words, veganism is a first world ideology that is impractical for the majority of the global population.  Even India, a developing nation often cited by anti-meat activists for its religious stance against killing animals, still has a 70% meat eating population.

Previous studies (such as the Global Burden of Diseases, Injuries and Risk Factor Study, published in The Lancet in 2020) warning against the “dangers” of meat are also being debunked.  Dr Alice Stanton, of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, one of the authors of a review of anti-meat claims, notes:

“The peer-reviewed evidence published reaffirms that [the 2019 Global Burden of Disease Risk Factors Report] which claimed that consumption of even tiny amounts of red meat harms health is fatally scientifically flawed…In fact, removing fresh meat and dairy from diets would harm human health. Women, children, the elderly and low income would be particularly negatively impacted.”

You know… the establishment has to force a reality over another, they then tell you that eating meat is no good and that you can switch this food with insects, and for example the germans know something of this…eating less, eating a bit

Germany’s retail sales dropped in March, against market expectations, data published by the national statistics service Destatis revealed on Tuesday.
Price-adjusted retail turnover fell by 2.4% in March compared to February, despite a predicted 0.4% rise. On an annual basis, sales were down 8.6% in real terms following a 7.1% decline in February, according to Destatis.
Food sales plunged 10.3% in March in the largest year-on-year decline since data began in 1994. Food retail contracted 1.1% on the month, while non-food sales slipped by 2.3%, and online sales were down 8.4%. High prices remain a drag on inflation-adjusted retail data, but nominal sales have been falling as well, indicating a general slump in German household consumption.

10% less food year to year. Remarkable. Germany. It’s Germany.

But…also armies need to eat less therefore these are the new ideal candidates for the warrior role in western armies

And the Department of Defense wonders why multiple military branches are projected to miss their recruitment goals this year?  The Navy expects to fall short by over 6000 sailors in 2023, while the military struggles with a growing lack of interest, not to mention a lack of physically viable candidates.  So, they have embarked on a new strategy, giving their marketing the Bud Light treatment.

That’s right, the Navy has recruited a squadron administrator and drag queen using the name “Harpy Daniels” to be their new “Digital Ambassador.”  The post is designed to inspire more civilians to join the Navy.

There are also referring videos as Instructions, How to, Read first, Advertising, Promotion, and Victoria’s Secrets:

All in one training, to be on top

They want America to go to war, they just don’t want to be forced to fight those wars themselves.  War is an ugly business replete with unfairness and inequity. Trying to appeal to progressives within Gen Z is not going to work out well for the DoD.

Another factor is the mindset of the average leftist – It is a philosophy that lends itself to weakness, entitlement and often mental illness, making training goals difficult or impossible.  Over 42% of Gen Z has been diagnosed with at least one mental health condition.  This is why many businesses are now more likely to reject applications from job seekers that use preferred pronouns in their resumes.  These people are far more trouble than they’re worth.

The only recourse for a woke military would be to dramatically lower standards and turn basic training into a day care, which is exactly what they have been doing incrementally over the past several years.  The question is if this is delusional or deliberate self sabotage.  Is the US military being deconstructed from within?  Or, are these people simply inept?

Armies are not enough…Schools must come first. After all you know, the young brain is just like a sponge… it absorbs..then fire the Christian teachers

In this trans optic where to build new U.S. D.o.D. Trans Bases? ….


In Finland !!!

First Post:

Russia’s neighbour Finland and the United States are allegedly holding talks on a Defence Cooperation Agreement (DCA) that would allow US troops to freely deploy to the newly-admitted NATO state, according to a report.

According to a Russia Today report, citing Helsingin Sanomat (HS) newspaper, Mikael Antell, who serves as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ deputy director-general for political affairs, is leading the bilateral negotiations for Finland and that the latest round of discussions took place in the Finnish capital last week.

Antell reportedly told Helsingin Sanomat (HS) newspaper that the agreement is meant to augment Finland’s current NATO membership, which it was granted in April, and to solidify the country’s deterrent and defence capabilities through US presence and advance stationing of defence equipment.

We are definitely here not to TRANS-cend but to trascend, pronounce “IT”.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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