Enemy’s Cunning: Masking Our Fight For Theirs Is A Danger So-Called EARN IT Act. Could End-to-End Encryption End?

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This is the End my crypto friend, the 0.

Authored by Joe Mullin Via Eff.org

The Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies Act (EARN IT Act) is a United States legislative bill introduced in 2020 by senators Lindsey Graham

and Richard Blumenthal , with the goal of combatting online sexual exploitation of children . The bill proposes to create incentives for companies to earn liability protection from claims of child sexual exploitation in cases where their users publish or share illegal material , by requiring companies to adhere to a set of best practices determined by a 19-member commission, or risk losing protection. The bill has received both support and criticism from various groups and individuals.

As of May 5, 2023, there have been different versions of the bill and there is one currently being debated in the House of Representatives.



People don’t want outsiders reading their private messages —not their physical mail, not their texts, not their DMs, nothing. It’s a clear and obvious point, but one place it doesn’t seem to have reached is the U.S. Senate.

A group of lawmakers led by Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) have re-introduced the EARN IT Act, an incredibly unpopular bill from 2020 that was dropped in the face of overwhelming opposition. Let’s be clear: the new EARN IT Act would pave the way for a massive new surveillance system, run by private companies, that would roll back some of the most important privacy and security features in technology used by people around the globe. It’s a framework for private actors to scan every message sent online and report violations to law enforcement. And it might not stop there. The EARN IT Act could ensure that anything hosted online—backups, websites, cloud photos, and more—is scanned.

In a free society, people should not have their private correspondence constantly examined. U.S. lawmakers, we would hope, understand that individuals have the right to a private conversation without the government looking over their shoulder.

So it’s dismaying to see a group of U.S. Senators attempting for a third time to pass the EARN IT Act (S. 1207)—a law that could lead to suspicionless scans of every online message, photo, and hosted file. In the name of fighting crime, the EARN IT Act treats all internet users like we should be in a permanent criminal lineup, under suspicion for child abuse.

Are they playing up some funny sketch?

What The New “EARN IT” Does

The EARN IT Act creates an unelected government commission, stacks it with law enforcement personnel, and then tasks it with creating “best practices” for running an internet website or app. The act then removes nearly 30-year-old legal protections for users and website owners, allowing state legislatures to encourage civil lawsuits and prosecutions against those who don’t follow the government’s “best practices.”

As long as they somehow tie changes in law to child sexual abuse, state lawmakers will be able to avoid longstanding legal protections, and pass new rules that allow for criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits against websites that don’t give police special access to user messages and photos. Websites and apps that use end-to-end encryption to protect user privacy will be pressured to remove or compromise the security of their services, or they’ll face prosecutions and lawsuits.

If EARN IT passes, we’re likely to see state lawmakers step in and mandate scanning of messages and other files similar to the plan that Apple wisely walked away from last year.

There’s no doubt the sponsors intend this bill to scan user messages, photos, and files, and they wrote it with that goal in mind. They even suggested specific scanning software that could be used on users in a document published last year. The bill also makes specific allowances to allow the use of encryption to constitute evidence in court against service providers.

Well, already millions of slothful users stay turned on and rely on the internet as if they were naked on a scanner without knowing it, passing this act then they should finally realize that they are desperately naked on a scanner.

What’s so scandalous? Just go back to Instagram to show yourself naked, or semi-naked, in lingerie, or in any degenerate pose you want to assume, it’s free will, and you are an attention whore who is ready to accept a life in a glass house, a direction, a perversion.

Recalling Snowden’s words we can rephrase: “The fact that you have nothing to expose about yourself does not mean that we have no right to expose this anyway”

Graham won’t win.


We shall run Apps from Satellites and in countries out of gringo’s long shadow.

We need encryption and privacy or the whole Simulation would not work, solve your problems by busting Biden’s family, I read FBI is moving on this way but let’s wait.

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