From Boom To Bust : Look What Became S.Francisco Because American Cities Are Following Quickly Its Progressive Disaster

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Look this once prominent American city because it is not the only one in these miserable conditions of pity.

Authored by Mike Shedlock via

We shall avenge Kristal

Further to the damages inflicted by “unclear causes“, it’s more than one year that we are observing the chaos raging across American cities like New York, Los Angeles, and S.Francisco, as major ones.


Stati Uniti , New York : Kristal Bayron-Nieves Uccisa Mentre Lavora Al Burger King, Un’Esecuzione Più Che Una Rapina

Public locals are now less safe than they once were; workers and customers are threatened, robbed and killed, and urban degradation, such as scattered garbage on corners and sidewalks, is a constant and dominant issue in this civilization that is dying. It is a reminder of what happened and is happening to South Africa, although this is another story or version of the same story as Malcolm X would say.

Additionally, we previously wrote that western cities are inhabited by pigs and that you can only grow pigs, not humans, in those cities. However, today we wish to highlight the situation in San Francisco.

San Francisco was once a polyhedral city, known for its avant-garde and as a maximum expression of gender freedom and freedom of expression. Some years ago, the San Francisco Map of dog poo caught my attention on Twitter where I saw that the entire city was covered with red dots, making the map appear as a very big red dot.

Today, shops, renewed stores, classical stores, etc are closed, there is no safety, no control, and, especially, no customers. Poverty spreads across the new continent, just like the powerful virus.


People who used to know San Francisco might not recognize it now and might even call it a ghost city.

It is a surreal experience witnessing a major metropolis like San Francisco transforming into a ghost town in front of your eyes.

This is what can happen when capitalism and democracy are applied to circumstances where unequal peers are involved.

The closure of countless restaurants and businesses, a sharp decline in commuters, and the sight of empty buildings scattered everywhere all contribute to a haunting emptiness.


Furthermore, the departure of many tech companies and the ensuing rise in housing prices have forced people out of the city and turned it into a mere shell of its former self. Indeed, these changes have left San Francisco hollow and unrecognizable.

This tweet solves the equation:

S.Francisco is not alone in these sad points, upgraded or corrected to:

A. Crimes No Stop
B. Poop Everywhere
C. Homelessness Invasion and Camps
D. Cost Rising Day After Day
E. Woke policies including lack of police, half of it corrupted or with some kind of problem
F. All of the above and more


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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