Encryption Debate : Europe and USA Accused of Using Child Protection as Excuse to Spy on Everyone When Their Elites Exploit Children

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In American they called it EARN IT Act, meanwhile in Europe it’s just a plan

Authored by Daniel Boffey via The Guardian

Globalism is Westernism…


The Guardian:

An EU plan under which all WhatsApp, iMessage and Snapchat accounts could be screened for child abuse content has hit a significant obstacle after internal legal advice said it would probably be annulled by the courts for breaching users’ rights.

Under the proposed “chat controls” regulation, any encrypted service provider could be forced to survey billions of messages, videos and photos for “identifiers” of certain types of content where it was suspected a service was being used to disseminate harmful material.

The providers issued with a so-called “detection order” by national bodies would have to alert police if they found evidence of suspected harmful content being shared or the grooming of children.

Privacy campaigners and the service providers have already warned that the proposed EU regulation and a similar online safety bill in the UK risk end-to-end encryption services such as WhatsApp disappearing from Europe.

Now leaked internal EU legal advice, which was presented to diplomats from the bloc’s member states on 27 April and has been seen by the Guardian, raises significant doubts about the lawfulness of the regulation unveiled by the European Commission in May last year.

The lawyers conclude the proposed regulation is at “serious risk of exceeding the limits of what is appropriate and necessary in order to meet the legitimate objectives pursued, and therefore of failing to comply with the principle of proportionality”.

Many companies in this sector are making it clear that they have spent a lot of time and money building their own digital infrastructure. Asking them to remove encryption would mean the real extinction for all of the software companies that have invested and grown exponentially in the last decade.

This law is not thought to protect children; rather, it is thought to spy on everyone and end communication privacy once and for all.

If the Elite think they are protecting children why don’t they ban the Degenerate Parades that invade the center of their most important cities every month?

If the Elite think they are protecting children why they do not reveal and prosecute the whole Maxwell-Epstein’s entourage, customers, hosts….

If the Elite think they are protecting children why they operate such child kidnapping in multiple occasions using CIA and other agencies or organizations?



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The debate over encryption has been ongoing for years, with many governments and law enforcement agencies arguing that encryption hinders their ability to track criminal activity and protect citizens from harm. Recently, there have been reports that some in the European Union and the United States are pushing for the removal of encryption under the guise of protecting children. However, many experts and tech companies argue that such a move would ultimately lead to the dismantling of communication privacy and negatively impact software companies.


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Many companies within the tech sector have spent significant amounts of time and resources building their own digital infrastructure, including encryption technology. Asking them to remove encryption would not only be detrimental to their business, but it would also put privacy and security at risk. Some argue that removing encryption would mean the extinction of all software companies that have invested and grown in the last decade.


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However, some government officials insist that encryption must be removed in order to protect children from harm. The United States’ “EARN IT Act” proposed legislation that would allow law enforcement to circumvent encryption laws and force tech companies to comply with child protection laws. However, this legislation has been opposed by privacy advocates who argue that it would ultimately undermine encryption technology and privacy in general.

Similarly, the European Union has been considering new legislation that would allow for backdoor access to encrypted messaging apps. While officials have stated that these measures are meant to combat online child abuse, tech companies and digital rights organizations argue that it would create a dangerous precedent and put privacy at risk for everyone.


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In conclusion, the debate over encryption is complex and multifaceted. While there are valid concerns about child exploitation online, removing encryption altogether is not the solution. It is important for government officials and tech companies to find a balance between protecting privacy and prosecuting criminals.

Ultimately, any decisions made regarding encryption must take into account the potential impact on both individual privacy and overall digital security.

Removing Encryption means Dismantling the whole Internet as we know it.


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