Alien Origins – February 2016, U.K., Wales, Cardiff : Air Battle At Pentyrch, Alien Spacecraft Shot Down in Smaelog Forest

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Calm down. We have evidence and witnesses.

Authored by Caz Jones via Internet Videos and Reports

In February 2016, a number of witnesses reported seeing strange lights in the sky above the village of Pentyrch in South Wales. These reports were accompanied by loud explosions and intense vibrations, leading many to speculate that there may have been some sort of extraterrestrial involvement.

The nearest Royal Air Force base to Pentyrch is MOD St Athan which is approximately 9.5 miles south of Pentyrch in Wales. MOD St Athan is a large military site housing a variety of defense facilities and major units including the UK’s Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul and Upgrade (MRO&U) Center of Excellence for military aircraft.


Caz Clarke was a key witness to the incident and later co-authored the book “The Pentyrch Incident: The Greatest UFO Cover-up of Modern Times” with fellow UFO researcher Gari Jones.

Clarke has spoken publicly about her experiences, describing seeing a pyramid-shaped object suspended in the sky, surrounded by other smaller objects.

The aircraft was triangular in shape, many already know that there are not only flying saucers such as UFOs but also triangular UFOs, also called Pyramids.


It also emitted floating beams, apparently fiery red lightning, towards the ground, possibly a malfunction.


According to Caz’s story, after waking up in the middle of the night due to the noise of planes and helicopters, she went into the garden and saw this spacecraft in the nearby field, accompanied by smaller green Orbs, perhaps drones, performing very close to the ground. The spacecraft had to be 4 or 5 times the size of a common yacht. Meanwhile at least two or four Apache helicopters flew over the area escorted by a Boeing E-3 Sentry.


The E-3 Sentry is an aerial early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft designed primarily to provide all-weather radar surveillance and target detection and tracking capabilities.


It uses a pulse-Doppler radar system mounted on a rotating dome 30 feet above the aircraft to detect and track potential threats in the surrounding airspace. This information is then processed and analyzed by a specialized crew aboard the aircraft, who can direct and command friendly forces in response to emerging threats.


The E3 Sentry was joined by other cargo planes flying at lower altitudes.


At this point the spacecraft, feeling hunted, began to perform evasive manoeuvres, but before leaving Caz was attracted by one of the Orbs that accompanied the pyramidal spacecraft, and she still says today that it is as if that object, in which she could see the display of a monitor, had scanned it, but he didn’t feel fear, on the contrary he understood that no danger came from it.


The spacecraft then moved off heading west, followed by the RAF aircraft, and before long there were two explosions, one in mid-air, and one on the ground.
The explosions were located in the Smaelog forest, not far from where Caz and the alien spacecraft had made contact.

For a few interminable seconds that explosion was like hearing in one’s imagination the explosion of a supernova, or an atomic bomb, an acoustic inferno enhanced in the mind of those who had seen war helicopters, AWACS and very non-terrestrial aircraft perform prodigies …


The explosion was also recorded by seismograph centers in the region.


What is still known for certain is that the area relating to the explosion, the forest of Smilog, was immediately marked off with tape by the military, and there was a coming and going of helicopters and trucks for more time. The clear and consequential hypothesis is that the British RAF hit the alien spacecraft deliberately with missiles, the spacecraft then crashed to the ground in the woods, exploding.


After the explosion, witnesses say that in that area it was as if it were snowing, but it wasn’t snow, whatever it was dissolved between the fingers as if evaporating instantly.
Both the place of contact and that of the alleged killing still have peculiar characteristics today. The vegetation has turned white, and higher-than-normal radioactivity persists.

The British MoD also had the trees involved in the crash of the spacecraft cut down. Surely some metals from the explosion had stuck in those trunks, so they decided to cut them and take them away together with that debris.

Days later, again the British MoD, sent its own forensic analysis experts to carry out checks in the area, disguising them as Vodafone operators.

Caz who had never had to deal with these phenomena before decided to contact the Swansea Ufo Network</ a> to tell this story, that was how the world learned about it. However, a few days later, Caz was contacted by personalities linked to the British MoD who made her understand to keep her mouth shut. Instead Caz didn’t do it, because no one has to keep his mouth shut about these things now that they are certain things, and certified by the highest American authorities who have admitted their existence without problems.

Note how the old British imperialist blood has never dried up but now it is reinvigorated by KILLING ALIEN SHIPS without there being a real reason behind it other than the fact of now possessing alien technology, looking through reverse engineering, i.e. reverse engineering, to exploit it for war purposes. The effrontery of these bastards should be punished with the blood of their families for ten generations, so this brothel will end. And if the Aliens finally want to intervene and not come to terms with these fucking pigs and idiots, rest assured that we will be the first to help them.

Last but not least, from the night of the killing onwards new alien spacecrafts fly over the area in a pressing manner….
because there is still something that has been stolen… and also a wrong that needs to be fixed.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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