A Sci-Fi Political Thriller From Swordfish : PsyOp Agents and Hackers Attempted to Pull Off Top Secret Docs In A Multi-Million Dollar Heist

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You know the problem with Hollywood?

Authored by Skip Woods via Operation Swordfish (Movie – 2001)

They make shit. Unbelievable, unremarkable shit.



I’m not some wannabe film maker……searching for existentialism through a haze of bong smoke.



No, it’s easy to pick apart bad acting, short sighted directing……and a moronic stringing together of words the studios term as prose.

No, I’m talking about the lack of realism. Realism.



Not a pervasive element in modern American geopolitics, cinematic vision is simply extracted from the reality they are up to, by the way.


Take Fight Club, for example. Arguably Pitt’s best work. Short of Sev7n, The Devil’s Own, Kalifornia of course.

Masterpiece of directing, easily Fincher’s best.

The cinematography, the acting, the screenplay, all top notch. But…

…they didn’t push the envelope.

What if, in Fuckin Fight Club, Tyler would kidnap and kill the European Union Top Members, relative entrepreneurs, and wanted to get away with it? Really wanted that.

Do use Wall Street or Palace of Europe, or both. Now this is the tricky part. What if he started making explode buildings right away?
____________________________________________________No mercy, no quarter.

“Meet my demands or the pretty skyscraper gets it in the ass.” Boom, splat.

What, still no top secret documents, and credit executed on encrypted accounts in Panama and Cayman Islands? Come on.

How many guilty lurid death dealer gentlemen would it take for your cities as pigsties…to reverse your policy on Deals with Terrorists?

And that was 1999. There’s no Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter..

Fast-forward to today. Present time, same situation. How quickly would the media make a frenzy? In hours.

It would be the biggest over many consumed big stories, from Dallas to Dresda.

Ten among aristocrats, politicians and entrepreneurs die. Twenty, thirty. Relentless. Bam, bim. One after another.


All on hi-def, computer-enhanced. You can almost taste their brain matters.


All for what? A couple billion dollars and some top secret documents?

I don’t think so, but……just a thought. I mean, it’s not……within the realm of conventional cinema, but……what if?

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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