Alien Nation : The Battle of Caronia, We Assume to Know Why Our Brothers Attacked That Area, Now

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This is not a detailed account of events but rather the explanation you do not want to accept

Authored by Aliens Via Titanic Electromagnetic Pulses

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Ok, so why did the Aliens attack that area, including, cars, a helicopter, and the village, Caronia, of those people?

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The answer might shock you but you have obviously never lived among those people.
They almost burned alive because they are scum.

Let’s go back to 2003.
I, an alien from one of the most ancient civilizations in the universe, have arrived in Caronia among humans. Now, human, tell me what exactly you do and what you think about life

Caronia Villager replies: “I try to survive doing this job, my dream is to work for the public administration, marry a woman, have a nice house, have children, have a nice car, have a facebook account to post shit and watch football in pay television”.

Now again, you know why that scum nearly burned alive and we’ll be removing the “ALMOST” soon.

One night, a group of these scum climbed a hill to observe one of the discs, stationed at the top. Burned like rabbits and driven back to their holes.


Psiche e Scienza : Il Tempo Non Esiste, Dio Non Esiste, e Tutto è Già Accaduto


Even our bros burned only one plant among many, the Ampelodesmos. We have bonded (read burned, n.o.R.) your lives to the roots.

They have what they deserve.

Caronia sounds like carogna, which translates to : carrion, as stinker

Yes, the attack will continue and spread to other towns and cities… yes cities.

It’s too late to find the Spirituality you need to evade our “cruel” intentions, for you little scum of creation, it’s too late.

My brothers think there’s still hope for you, but there isn’t, no one can know you scum better than me… jIyIntaHvIS non HIq vIlo’

This post was not supposed to be released today, but Simulation has accelerated its release.

Everything has an explanation in this math of a fall caused by gravity.


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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