Alien Nation : Russian Cosmonauts Aboard Salyut 6 Had Closest Encounter With Aliens In May 1981, Which Was Filmed and Reportedly Real

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Aboard Salyut 6 Space Station 20 years before 2001 – Odyssey One…

Authored by Georgy Beregovoy via Official Mission Report

1 year ago…

In mesmerizing footage that spread like wildfire across the internet on Tuesday, a cluster of dozens of luminous orbs could be seen leisurely gliding past the orbiting space laboratory. The live camera, attached to the station and continuously streaming footage of the infinite expanse beyond, provided stunning visual proof of the ethereal spectacle.
But it’s a recent phenomenon? No, it seems…

On June 18, 1981, Gosplan hosted an extraordinary conference that brought together UFO experts, cosmonauts, and Soviet authorities, including military officers.


General Georgi Timofeevict Beregovoy, Chief of the Soviet Space Program,

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moderated the conference, which was also attended by Vladimir Kovalyonok, a cosmonaut who had spent 77 days aboard the Salyut-6 station. According to reports, the conference revealed a shocking encounter of the second kind between the Salyut-6 station and an alien spaceship.


Over a period of four days from May 14 to 18, 1981, the Russians had multiple contacts with an alien ship and its pilots.


Five astronauts, including Kovalyonok and Viktor Savinikh,


made contact with these extraterrestrial intelligences, who approached the space station at a low distance for safety.


After a failed attempt at flashing a light in Morse code, the astronauts succeeded in establishing communication with an alleged mathematical message.

The physical description of the aliens resembled human beings, with large blue eyes without emotion, thick and long eyebrows, and solemn dark faces.


Someone claims that the aliens also showed Russians an interstellar map through a porthole. The cosmonauts were able to recognize the solar system, but not the rest of the mapped area. This was intriguing enough to make us think that the aliens showed them a portion of space-time rather than a traditional map.



The contact was reportedly fully recorded in many photographs and a long film footage, which was shown at the Gosplan conference and is believed to be kept highly secret in some Russian vault to this day. The release of such a film could lead to a revolution in human evolution.

The world deserves to know about it now.


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