Alien Nation: The Battle Beneath The Archuleta Mesa Via The Huge Underground Tunnel System, Related To Missing People Cluster Map

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There is a war beneath the Americas…


Part one, the place:

Once a quiet and unassuming town, Dulce, New Mexico, was thrust into the spotlight when reports of strange lights and unusual activity around the Archuleta Mesa began to surface. Initially dismissed as nothing more than a hoax or mass hysteria, the sightings persisted and led to the top-secret involvement of the US military in the area.


As it turned out, the rumors about aliens being present at the Archuleta Mesa were true. A covert operation known as Project Blue Book had uncovered the presence of extraterrestrial beings that had been living on Earth for centuries. In an attempt to maintain secrecy, the government had chosen to keep the aliens’ existence hidden from the public and away from prying eyes.

Part two, the battle:

But things took a turn for the worse when the aliens became aggressive and hostile towards the military presence. Their intent to protect themselves against the U.S. D.o.D. intentions to persist in the underground base buildings was made clear, and it was up to the CIA Black Op Squads  to push back the resistance of those hostile aliens or find a deal with them.

A fierce battle ensued between the seasoned US Marines and the technologically advanced beings from another world, taking place beneath the mesa, similar to the conflicts in Westworld between humans and cyborgs. The fight was brutal and intense as each side fought to gain the upper hand. As the battle raged on, the Marines destroyed a passage, trapping the alien forces inside. Afterwards, the Black squads were sent to take full control of the compromised underground system.


Later, after a deal between aliens and humans, a giant underground magnetic railway system was built, covering at least 9 US air bases with its ray, but rumors suggest that it covers many more.

Despite its apparent fictional elements, this story is rooted in the real event of the alleged alien presence at the Archuleta Mesa, as well as the government’s involvement in investigating such claims. While there is no conclusive evidence to support the theory of a joint human-alien underground facility existing beneath the mesa, the idea continues to capture the imagination and intrigue of people around the world.


Schneider, who was alleged to be a survivor of this battle, later became one of the first-hand witnesses to publicly tell this story before being found dead. His death was ruled as a suicide.


However his description of the underground tunnels and the gigantic structure beneath the Mesa, which reminds closely that of Westworld, could get a vague explanation by observing two kind of maps, the map of the America’s cave


and the missing people cluster map in United States


Comparing the maps:


And now checking in the map some notorious places


Furthermore, this could help to solve this question posed by the United States government itself…


It is plausible to consider the idea that aliens may own bases beneath the surface of our planet, as well as beneath the oceans. However, there may be another location that could host the larger and higher ranking parts of their presence, which we will write about in a future post.

The question now changes from ‘Do they exist?’ to ‘Where are they?’


Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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