Alien Nation : Stanford Scholar Posits Convincing Evidence Supporting Existence of Extraterrestrial Life On Earth From A Long Time

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Authored by Stanford University Dr. Garry Nolan via Conference Interview

Authored by Isabel Keane via New York Post

New York Post:

A Stanford University professor and prominent ufologist says he “100 percent” believes extraterrestrials have not only visited Earth — but have “been here a long time” and may even still be on the planet today.

Dr. Garry Nolan, a professor of pathology at Stanford’s medical school, made the stunning claim during last week’s Salt iConnections conference in Manhattan at a session titled, “The Pentagon, Extraterrestrial Intelligence and Crashed UFOs.”

Moderator Alex Klokus asked Nolan if he believes extraterrestrial life has visited Earth, and the prof replied, “I think you can go a step further — it hasn’t just visited, it’s been here a long time, and it’s still here.


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“You know, people talk about the ‘Wow! signal’ looking for extraterrestrial intelligence. The ‘Wow! signal’ is that people see it on an almost regular basis, that’s the communication that’s already here,” Nolan said.

The “Wow! signal” refers to a burst of radio waves captured from outer space in 1977. The signal was 30 times stronger than typical background radiation and prompted some astronomers to believe it may have come from aliens looking for other signs of life. Scientists have since said the sound may have come naturally from a pair of comets.

Klokus noted that for many, Nolan’s statement about alien life would be “tough to believe” and asked him to assign a probability to his claims.

“One hundred percent,” Nolan said. “And that’s not just my opinion. The National Defense Authorization Act passed last year, signed by [President] Biden in December. Thirty pages of that is the establishment of an unidentified aerial phenomena office.”

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Garry Nolan, a prominent ufologist and microbiology and pathology professor at Stanford University, has made a bold claim that extraterrestrial (E.T.) intelligence has not only visited Earth but that it is still present on our planet. He stated that he is “100% certain” of this fact based on evidence he has gathered, and that this is not just his personal belief.


Nolan’s assertions are supported by accounts from whistleblowers who were recently speaking to Congress about reverse-engineering programs aimed at unlocking the secrets of these extraterrestrial beings. Nolan went on to reveal that AARO, a company he co-founded, has 25 employees working on these technologies.


He explained that these whistleblowers kicked the hornet’s nest in Washington D.C. over the weekend because they want the truth to come to light. Nolan believes that there is an exotic form of intelligence that has been on Earth for a long time, and that it is not leaving anytime soon.

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As stunning as these claims are, Nolan’s evidence and expertise in the field have lent some credibility to his assertions.

It remains to be seen whether or not his claims will be corroborated by additional evidence, but this could be the beginning of a new chapter in the search for extraterrestrial life.


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