United States, California : Potential Imminent Terroristic Attack On Federal Government Infrastructures With Ammonium Nitrate

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60,000 lbs of ammonium nitrate transported on train via California is now missing, it has been stolen.

Authored by Kevin Killough via CowboyStateDaily

The recent report of 60,000 lbs of ammonium nitrate missing after a train transporting it to California reported it stolen raises concerns about the potential misuse of this highly combustible chemical. Ammonium nitrate has been used in numerous terrorist attacks in the past, including the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, which killed 168 people. fw0tjdkwcamxdwo

The slow response by the government in this case suggests that the situation may not be under control, and this raises further questions about the safety and security measures in place for the transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals.


It is important that the government takes swift action to locate the missing ammonium nitrate and investigate the circumstances of its disappearance. It should also take steps to strengthen safety and security protocols for the transportation and storage of hazardous materials to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Given the history and the potential destructive capabilities of ammonium nitrate, a coordinated and comprehensive response from the government is necessary to ensure the safety and security of the public.


A railcar carrying 60,000 pounds of ammonium nitrate, a chemical used in explosives at Wyoming coal mines, left Cheyenne for California on April 12. Two weeks later, the chemical was discovered missing from the railcar and no one is entirely certain what happened to it.

Ammonia nitrate is primarily used as a fertilizer, but it was also a key chemical used in the bomb that terrorist Timothy McVeigh built to blow up a federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995.

The railcar was in transit from a Dyno Nobel manufacturing plant west of Cheyenne on route to Saltdale, California, which is near Mohave.

The company is a global commercial explosives manufacturer, producing more than 54 million pounds of packaged explosives and more than 1.2 million tons of ammonia nitrate capacity, according to the company’s website.

“The railcar was sealed when it left the Cheyenne facility, and the seals were intact when it arrived in Saltdale,” a spokesperson for Dyno Nobel told Cowboy State Daily.

Once Dyno Nobel learned of the missing chemicals, company employees notified the National Response Center.

The initial assessment is that a leak may have developed at the bottom gate of the railcar allowing the chemical to spill out at some point during its transit.

Ammonia nitrate is used as a fertilizer, but it’s also an ingredient in an explosive mixture used in Wyoming mines.

David King, Campbell County emergency management coordinator, told Cowboy State Daily that ammonia nitrate is regularly shipped to the Powder River Basin for use in explosive operations at its large open-pit coal mines. In trucks, the chemical is transported as a sort of pudding that’s kept hot to keep it from solidifying.

When there’s an accident and the chemical spills, the main concern is someone getting burned. King said in that form, it’s not going to explode.

“If you put a blasting cap in it, all you’re going to do is splatter it all over,” King said. “It’s not dynamite. It’s not nitroglycerin.”

At the mines, the ammonia nitrate is mixed with other chemicals, such as diesel fuel, and then blasting caps are used to make it explode.

The bomb McVeigh built contained 5,000 pounds of ammonia nitrate fertilizer which was mixed with 1,200 pounds of nitromethane, commonly used as a solvent, and 350 pounds of Tovex, a water-gel explosive made with ammonia nitrate and methylammonium nitrate.


Never forget…


While it is true that some individuals may believe that violence can be used to end violence, this approach is widely criticized for being ineffective and perpetuating a cycle of violence. It is important to recognize that the root causes of violence are often complex and multifaceted, and addressing them requires more thoughtful and nuanced solutions than simply responding with more violence.

Additionally, it is not accurate to say that there is no serious State out there to protect individuals.


While corruption and greed certainly exist within some governmental institutions, there are also many individuals working within these institutions who are dedicated to promoting justice, protecting human rights, and upholding the rule of law.

It is important to support and encourage these individuals and institutions in order to create a more just and equitable society for all. However, the collective consciousness of human nature is often powerless to take action towards accomplishing this task, as people are often forced to vote for those who oppress them directly or indirectly.


Therefore I’m awaiting this explosion, maybe I can already heard it…6 days later…

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