Alien Origins, Moon: From Statio Cognitum to UR , Seeking Scintillometer Uranium Detectors

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UR Base has been destroyed

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We have already written down the oddities of an alien base on the moon.

Statio Cognitum

Mare Cognitum is a lunar mare on the Moon, located in a basin or large crater in the second ring of Oceanus Procellarum . Its name, meaning “Sea that has Become Known” in Latin, was given in 1964 as it was selected to be the target for the impact probe Ranger 7. The mare is located to the northwest of the Montes Riphaeus mountain range that forms part of the rim of the buried crater or basin containing the mare. The basin material is of the Pre-Nectarian epoch, while most of the basaltic mare material is of the Upper Imbrian epoch.

In 1969, the Apollo 12 lunar module, with astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean, landed within walking distance of Surveyor 3, a probe that had been on the Moon since 1967, and located at the Statio Cognitum region of Mare Cognitum. This region has been of interest to space missions because of its geologic and scientific significance, and has been the subject of various exploration and research activities.

The Apollo 12 mission conducted extensive scientific experiments, including the deployment of the first lunar surface nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer.

Alan Bean and Pete Conrad, both astronauts of the Apollo 12 mission, did “initially” survive their flight to the Moon and their lunar surface mission.


However, after their return to Earth, they both faced various challenges and health issues.

While Alan Bean and Pete Conrad both survived their lunar mission, they faced some challenges and health issues after their return to Earth.
Conrad suffered from chronic pain related to a back injury he sustained during his astronaut training, and he underwent multiple surgeries to address the issue. He also struggled with alcoholism, which he later publicly acknowledged and sought treatment for.
Bean experienced some physical symptoms upon his return, such as dizziness and problems with balance, which were attributed to the effects of gravity after spending time in a low-gravity environment. He eventually recovered and resumed a normal lifestyle, but later in life he developed a neurological condition that affected his ability to speak.

Conrad left the astronaut corps in 1973 and returned to the Navy, but stayed involved in space-related activities. He passed away in 1999 following a motorcycle accident.

Bean pursued a career in art after leaving NASA and participated in various space-related activities. He passed away in 2018 after a short illness.

I want know all Apollo Missions, now.

Apollo 1 – This mission was unmanned and suffered a tragic accident on the launchpad that killed astronauts Virgil I. “Gus” Grissom, Edward H. White, and Roger B. Chaffee.

Apollo 7 – Astronauts Walter M. Schirra, Jr., Donn F. Eisele, and R. Walter Cunningham.

Apollo 8 – Astronauts Frank Borman, James A. Lovell Jr., and William A. Anders.

Apollo 9 – Astronauts James A. McDivitt, David R. Scott, and Russell L. Schweickart.

Apollo 10 – Astronauts Thomas P. Stafford, John W. Young, and Eugene A. Cernan.


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Apollo 11 – Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins.

Apollo 12 – Astronauts Charles “Pete” Conrad Jr., Alan L. Bean, and Richard F. Gordon Jr.

Apollo 13 – Astronauts James A. Lovell Jr., John L. “Jack” Swigert, Jr., and Fred W. Haise Jr.

Apollo 14 – Astronauts Alan B. Shepard Jr., Stuart A. Roosa, and Edgar D. Mitchell.

Apollo 15 – Astronauts David R. Scott, Alfred M. Worden, and James B. Irwin.

Apollo 16 – Astronauts John W. Young, Thomas K. Mattingly II, and Charles M. Duke Jr.

Apollo 17 – Astronauts Eugene A. Cernan, Ronald E. Evans, and Harrison H. Schmitt.

The only Apollo missions where astronauts walked on the Moon were Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 17.

Nothing leave thinking that Apollo 18 Secret Mission has been something real



Something is not entirely clear with the sunlight over the moon

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I continue to think that something up there wasn’t quite right…


Well this last video documentary is worth to be seen

Scintillometer Airial Uranium Detectors have been brought to the Moon?

NASA never released this information.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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