Alien Colony : The Government Secrecy On Extraterrestrial Hosts Existence Must Be Seen As Treason

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If you want know the ones that should rule or not rule you then ask them about aliens…

Authored by Colonel Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr. via TV and Internet Interviews

Authored by Colonel Edgar Mitchell via TV and Internet Interviews

Authored by Captain Eugene Cernan via TV and Internet Interviews

Authored by Colonel Buzz Aldrin via TV and Internet Interviews

Authored by Former Canadian Minister Paul Theodore Hellyer via TV and Internet Interviews

Authored by Colonel Philip J. Corso via TV and Internet Interviews

Authored by Former Japanese Minister Shigeru Ishiba via TV and Internet Interviews

Authored by Vice President Dmitrij Anatol’evič Medvedev via TV Interviews

The world of science and technology has always been complex, but there are some innovations that simply defy explanation.

Take, for example, the development of fiber optic, laser technology, and kevlar. These breakthroughs have revolutionized the world we live in today, but the question remains: where did they come from?

According to a small group of researchers, the innovations that have become integral to our daily lives were actually reverse-engineered from alien artifacts, stuff of extraterrestrial origin.

Alien discs crashed on Earth with technology that was far beyond our own have been recovered by Fascists, then Nazis, then Americans. The alien ships left behind fragments of their equipment, and human scientists eventually reverse-engineered these artifacts, leading to the development of our most advanced technologies. However this is not an easy explanation.



The idea may seem far-fetched, but the evidence supporting this theory is compelling. For example, it’s long been known that fiber optic technology was based on concepts first described by first successful fiber-optic data transmission system was demonstrated by German physicist Manfred Börner at Telefunken Research Laboratories in Ulm in 1965. Also the theoretical foundation for fiber optics was laid down earlier by John Tyndall, who demonstrated the principle of total internal reflection in 1870. In 1952, British physicist Narinder Singh Kapany invented the first actual fiber optic cable based on Tyndall’s experiments three decades earlier. Later in the 1960s, Charles K. Kao also made a significant contribution to the development of fiber optics by discovering certain physical properties of glass, which made the transmission of light through it over large distances possible. However Charles K. Kao’s theoretical work on fiber optics and its potential for communication was put into practice in the early 1970s.

And which organization in the world did use for first this technology? NORAD used for first the fiber to connect computers at Cheyenne Mountain in 1975.


In 1977, the first full-scale commercial fiber optic system was installed in Chicago, Illinois, in the United States. Soon after, fiber optic communication began to be widely adopted and replaced older technologies such as copper wire and coaxial cable for long-distance communication. Today, fiber optics is a key technology for high-speed Internet connections, telecommunications, cable television, and many other applications.

Similarly, the development of laser technology has been shrouded in mystery. While the power and potential of lasers was first described by Theodore Maiman, who is credited with inventing the first functioning laser, which he operated on May 16, 1960, at Hughes Research Laboratories in Malibu , California, ahead of several research teams. Also the theoretical work that underpinned his discovery was done by Charles H. Townes and Arthur Leonard Schawlow.

While the first functioning laser was operated by Theodore Maiman in 1960, it took some time for laser technology to advance to the point where it could be used on a larger scale. It was not until the late 1970s and early 1980s that lasers began to be used for practical purposes such as cutting and welding in industrial manufacturing. Since then, laser technology has continued to advance and is now used in a wide range of applications in fields such as medicine, telecommunications, and entertainment, among others.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence of all comes from the development of kevlar, a material that can withstand bullets and knife attacks with ease. Developed in the 1970s, kevlar has since become an essential material in a range of applications, from law enforcement to space exploration. But the material’s incredible strength and durability have left many questioning its origins. Could kevlar have been developed from an extraterrestrial material?


Kevlar was allegedly and accidentally invented by Stephanie Kwolek, a chemist at the company DuPont in 1965. Kevlar, a high-strength material, was initially used as a replacement for steel in racing tires, but it has since become widely used in a diverse range of applications due to its strength, low thermal conductivity and high-performance characteristics. These applications include personal armor, protective clothing, gloves, sports equipment, industrial use, cables, ropes, and ballistic protection. Kwolek’s discovery has saved thousands of lives and has become an integral part of our daily lives.

However Kevlar was first used commercially in the early 1970s as a replacement for steel in racing tires . However, its use became much more widespread in the mid-1970s when it was used to make bulletproof vests for law enforcement, leading to its mass adoption. Today, Kevlar has many applications ranging from tires and racing sails to mooring lines, cables, and ballistic protection.

While there is no definitive proof that these incredible innovations were developed thanks to reverse-engineered alien technology, the Occam’s razor does own part in shaving the odds.

As our understanding of science and technology advances, the possibility of discovering more evidence of ancient extraterrestrial visitors grows stronger.


As humans, we have long been fascinated with the possibility of extraterrestrial life simply because something Not Made by Humans fly and land sometime in front of our eyes in the world.

From science fiction movies to conspiracy theories, there is something of real, a tiny piece of truth in any Sci-Fi narrative from XX century to present day. Any secret can be bargained for sex, by bringing a beautiful, acclaimed journalist, Hollywood producer, or other influential person as leverage, or through a straightforward countdown to the coffin, sometimes both.


Clearly we are humans, we do not think as aliens, we are not them, we can’t fully know how they think, but we know how humans think, and obviously the easiest reasoning behind the large  conspiracy narrative around the world is that those in charge, the elites, fear that the revelation of alien existence will undermine their authority and reveal that they are not actually in control of the world.


Shocking, we are pretty sure, that a majority of humans would be led by an advanced alien civilization, advanced colonizers, rather than from those puppets that idiots go to elect as worldwide leaders.

The fact that  governments have actively covered up evidence of alien existence, with leaks from a real huge battalion of former government officials and military personnel claiming that they have witnessed or encountered aliens but are not able to disclose what they know due to national security concerns. I would instead call it : treason.

Read again.

Treason Due to National Security Concerns

Are the Elites concerned to lose their power? Or concerned that people will definitely notice that they have any power at all?

If they know that there are Alien Bases on Earth or elsewhere in the solar system and they are not revealing this to their people then it’s treason.

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Those who believe in the theory that elites are hiding the existence of aliens argue that the revelation of such knowledge would fundamentally shift the power balance in the world. They argue that the ruling elites have built their power on the basis of their claimed authority and control over the world. The existence of advanced beings from another world would challenge the very foundations of their authority, leading to a loss of power and prestige, especially because Aliens would not give a fuck about Obama, Hillary, European Union scoundrels, and all of these idiots.


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Moreover, this theory argues that elites are afraid of mass panic and social unrest that could be caused by the knowledge of alien existence.Are we sure that are people that will go into panic or are the Elites that already are panicking?

Governments have also been shown to be capable of keeping secrets, and massively deceive the worldwide audience and the accounts of this phenomenon, but the idea that they could keep something as significant as evidence of alien life a secret for decades seems far-fetched.


At its core, this theory is based on a deep mistrust of those in power. Many people feel that elites are not looking out for their best interests and are more concerned with maintaining their own power and control. While there may be some validity to this argument, jumping to conclusions about the existence of a cover-up without concrete evidence can fuel paranoia and undermine trust in government and societal institutions. The Governments deception aimed to a colossal Streisand-Effect and simply they did not care about it until suddenly something changed this primary objective, we have four years to wait if this is true.

Meanwhile, the belief that these elites could be left in charge the day after the world comes into direct contact with the colonizers seems strongly and pathetically uncanny.

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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