Alien Colony : The Skeptics Have To Be Right Every Day, The Believers Need To Be Right Once – The Hybridization As New Reality

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That we called our home, I want to be back there, Among the cats and dogs and the pigs and the goats, On animal farm, My animal home

Authored by US Army Sergeant Clifford Stone via Internet Interviews and Videos

Authored by USAF Sergeant Dan Sherman via Internet Interviews and Videos

Authored by Former Britannic Minister Nick Pope via Internet Interviews and Videos

At the beginning of this quest I didn’t suppose that a day I could have been able to win only by transforming myself in a servant of ants.

All I need is some inspiration Before I do somebody some harm I feel just like a vegetable Down here on the farm


The idea that aliens may have let us grow up in order to work with the consciousness is also an interesting possibility, as it suggests that there may be a higher purpose to human existence beyond what we currently understand. The notion that aliens may reveal themselves and their role in our creation in order to avoid humanity’s self-destruction is a complex one, as it assumes that aliens have a vested interest in preserving our planet and our species.

However, it is not entirely implausible that there are other intelligent beings in the universe who are concerned about our well-being and may seek to help guide us towards a more sustainable future. Overall, these concepts raise interesting questions about the nature of the deals signed on word by Aliens and U.S.Government.

The U.S. government has decided to lead a new narrative in single steps:

-We admit there are U.A.P., and we seek collaboration and open minds about it.

-New clear and sharp sightings worldwide continue massively accelerating the next step.

-The U.S. government officially admits that one or more alien civilizations have a constant and stationary presence in the solar system.

The revelation will be biblical, literally.

The final goal is not a takeover of the planet, but rather a takeover for what we have always called ‘humanity’.


Look at them. They do not act like us. They have no human interests in the arts, literature, or cinema. They have no emotions. They are like explorer ants, working for the whole and not for themselves.

Yes, that humanity which made this heaven a hell will be wiped out by hybridization. All emotions will be wiped out.

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Hurry up….Alien dudes..

Is this what the Simulation wishes?

depiction of cube like flying objects in a 17th century german alchemical text

It is probably true that more than one alien species is protecting Earth from another alien threat. However, if aliens continue to bring their messages randomly to people who humbly try to decipher their transmission forms, it could bring about a change for a fuck instead than for the humankind.

And what about alien abductees? Could it be true that the ones who return from their abductions are not the originals but clones?


Is it also true that the majority of them said they would be useful in controlling the crowd in the near future?

The alien without emotion is the one to fear…

We do not have enough information yet to formulate a definitive or even a partial logical answer to all of this, but one thing is certain:

no one should ever trust the U.S. government,

especially now that they want lead the narrative…with Aliens and Discs in pockets

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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