Mexico : U.S. AT-4 Weapons Systems Shipped to Ukraine Have Been Purchased By Drug Cartels Meanwhile In America The Sackler Druglords…

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How something is possible like U.A.P. could be still a mystery for ton of ignoramuses out there…but Giorgio’s meme always up to make things clear…

Authored by the Central Intelligence Agency, via Economy for Abroad Black Operations

Authored by Samantha Delouya via CNN

Drug and weapons must flow….



In recent news reported by Mexican television, it was revealed that dozens of U.S. AT-4 weapons systems, which were originally shipped to Ukraine, have been purchased by the infamous Cartel Golfo in Mexico. This revelation has raised serious concerns about the ability of dangerous criminal (military) organizations to acquire sophisticated weapons that are capable of causing significant destruction and loss of life. According to reports, the U.S. weapons were sold to Ukraine as part of a military assistance program aimed at supporting the country’s fight against Russian-backed separatists. When the weapons ended up in the hands of the Cartel Golfo, it is unclear whether they were stolen or illegally resold, because the fog comes with “intelligence”….


The AT-4 is a powerful anti-tank weapon that has the potential to cause significant damage in the hands of criminals and terrorists. Think if used in some urban revolt inside the United States borders…would be a straight smash up for those black smoking sleeves in Washington. And if for someone it is also unclear whether the Cartel Golfo has the technical skill to operate and maintain these weapons, which could lead to accidental explosions and widespread destruction…then the thing is very clear to us from the very beginning…literally.

The revelation of the sale of U.S. weapons originally shipped to Ukraine to a criminal organization in Mexico is something we saw coming 1 year ago…just search through our posts…

The line about the Genocide in Ukraine perpetrated by Nazis and the Genocide perpetrated in Mexico by Drug Cartels fueled by CIA dirty plans was done long time ago.

Again, look for it in this site. I don’t bother wasting my time in further landmark of the obvious.


The discovery that Cartel Golfo in Mexico has acquired U.S. AT-4 weapons systems originally shipped to Ukraine is a stark reminder that the O.N.U. is a planetary fraud.

And from a fraud to genocides the step is short….


Members of the billionaire Sackler family will be protected from current and future lawsuits over their role in their Purdue Pharma’s opioid business, a New York court of appeals ruled Tuesday.
The ruling clears the way for a bankruptcy deal for Purdue Pharma, which is owned by the family. In exchange for immunity, the Sacklers will personally pay out billions of dollars to help fight the ongoing opioid epidemic. Purdue Pharma declared bankruptcy in 2019.

The settlement between the Sacklers and eight states, as well as the District of Columbia, was initially agreed upon in March.

As part of the deal, the Sackler family will allow any organization or institution in the United States to remove the family name from physical buildings or programs and scholarships, as long as the Sacklers are notified and public statements announcing the name removal do not “disparage” the family.

This is from 2016. It’s gotten way worse since.

The families of the late Mortimer and Raymond Sackler, the brothers who owned and operated Purdue Pharma, said they were satisfied with the court’s decision.

“The Sackler families believe the long-awaited implementation of this resolution is critical to providing substantial resources for people and communities in need,” the families said. “We are pleased with the Court’s decision to allow the agreement to move forward and look forward to it taking effect as soon as possible.”

Purdue Pharma called Tuesday’s ruling a “victory.”

For the Sackler House is not a tough job anymore killing thousand and thousand of people.

“Our focus going forward is to deliver billions of dollars of value for victim compensation, opioid crisis abatement, and overdose rescue medicines. Our creditors understand the plan is the best option to help those who need it most, the most fair and expeditious way to resolve the litigation, and the only way to deliver billions of dollars in value specifically to fund opioid crisis abatement efforts,” a company spokesperson told CNN.

While the court’s decision compels the Sackler family to pay up to $6 billion to states, individual claimants and opioid crisis prevention, the ruling acknowledged that “total satisfaction” rarely occurs in complicated bankruptcy cases.

In a statement, California’s Attorney General Rob Bonta reflected that disappointment.

“Today’s court decision allows nearly $500 million of Purdue Pharma’s ill-gotten gains to be brought back to California, to heal our communities and provide real relief to countless suffering families,” Bonta said. “However, disappointingly, the decision does not require Purdue to lift the Sacklers’ liability shield from private claims. The victims of this crisis deserve justice and they should have the option to take Purdue to court for it.”

Basically, now the Sackler Druglord Family

How did you ever imagine what a druglord family looks like?

has the license to kill everyone. That’s it. The drug must flow….


Our personal war continues…

They never explored until the very deep that power, we did, Simulation trained us a lifetime, now we are able to cause those damages, remotely.

It’s a tough job and I have a lot of headaches because of it. Anything worthwhile has its cost.

Maybe one of the most powerful secret, and evil, agency of the West spent years and resources in the Stargate development just for fun, or they were they merely pursuing it for entertainment or have they already advanced beyond our understanding? EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) have interacted with individuals whose narrow-mindedness, selfishness, and focus on career advancement and personal gain have jeopardized the fate of the entire human race. It seems they used these individuals’ credentials to manipulate the media and prepare the world for a future that benefits only them. This betrayal begs the question: what now? Unfortunately, I do not have an answer but a war in progress.

Stargate remote viewers are nothing compared to our Death Stargate Program. We can manipulate events by adding fire, storms, and tornadoes in them.


Tornados or fire whirlwinds as it burns through tons of mulch, in the MESA, Arizona, our so loved MESA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Palisade, Colorado
🇺🇲The fire engulfed the forest near the city of Palisade (Colorado). A large fire was filmed by eyewitnesses near the I-70 highway

Coldest May in Australia…

Oh…but we have nothing to do with this

for now…

Do Not Question The Nature of One’s Own Reality It’s A Sin Against God

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